Last week on Generations the Legacy 3/07/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Gadaffi found out that Tau was indirectly responsible for him being in a wheelchair. And Gadaffi felt so, so sorry for himself. Read more here. Namhla was humiliated by Smanga – read more here. Angela tried to be the perfect girlfriend and Karabo seeked the company of a man who isn’t her husband.

Fed up with her husband’s criminal activity, Karabo more and more looked to her childhood best friend Zola for to brighten her day.  At least the one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is how annoyingly self righteous Karabo can be.


She first invited Zola to stay with her and Tau and the rest of the family and then donated her services to help with his cancer charity all while helping him find more permanent accommodation.


And generally spent a lot of time with him. Reminiscing about the past – even her drug user days.



She first used Mawzi


and then Scarlet to temporarily put some distance between her and Zola



Even Mary noticed how close the two were getting and tried to use it in her favour to get closer to Tau.


Mary Unsuccessfully. Her only victory was getting a photoshoot with Tau.


Angela had man troubles of her own making.  This girl has no patience – everything has to be done now, now with her.  She gives poor Siya no space whatsoever.

True, their interests are not the same as her boyfriend’s so Angela decided to take interest in Siya’s love for soccer by turning in a ridiculous outfit for a match


then on another occassion turned up at his place to join him and his friends to watch a game.  She pretended she knew the first thing about football when she didn’t know anything.

Her friends told her to leave a few personal things at Siya’s place accidentally, but he returned it to her the next day.  For his trouble Angela gave him the cold shoulder


Jonathan advised him to buy her some jewellery – this tactic worked because next Angela decided to show Siya that she should be able to join him and his buddies on a road trip through Thailand by planning a camping trip in the wilderness.


Unsurprisingly Angela didn’t cope half as well as she thought she would.



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