Last Week on Isidingo 3/07/2015

Last week Frank got shot and the new pastor arrived in Horizon Deep.

The episode where Frank got shot felt like a full movie – very suspenseful – even when I knew what was going to happen.  It started when Frank played Lincoln Sibeko’s deposition on the air at the demand of the rebels who had Calvin.  After the airing of the tape, the rebels reneged on the deal to release Calvin. So Frank decided that he would give up the show and go fetch Calvin himself.  With the help of Angelique who agreed to go with him.

Nikiwe, when she saw Frank and Angie together, declared her love for Frank who shot her down.  He told her she always chose his family ahead of him.



He didn’t know if he was going to be with Angelique, but he knew he wasn’t going to be with her.

With Sizwe in the background saying a prayer at his and Zukiswa’s table that night, we saw a hitman making his way around the Hardline studio.


Eventually he shot Frank and disappeared into the night.

Dr Beth informed the Sibekos and Angelique that Frank was in a coma.


A bit of bitching, lead by Katlego, ensued in the days after.  Katlego, Dr Beth and Nikiwe wanted Angelique as far away from Frank’s bedside as possible.


Meanwhile Lincoln disappeared and showed up at Frank’s bedside a few days later- so did the hitman who seemed to inject something into Frank’s IV. Lincoln chose Frank’s home to hide in.  Except for the fact that he parked his car outside with the number plate Sibeko 1.  In the same complex where Eddie Holmes lives.  **Sigh**

This from a smart business man and former freedom fighter.  I guess if we are to believe the whole Hardline rebel story then we can suspend belief that Lincoln would be stupid enough to hide with his car with a personalised number plate in full view.

The hitman though didn’t find him, instead the hitman went to Sibeko Gold and threatened Nikiwe.


The new pastor caused an uproar amongst the women in Horizon Deep and even got an initially skeptical Sizwe on his side with a few hundred Amen’s. Sizwe was at first concerned that the pastor is divorced.


Lerato was smitten and made her interest known immediately, offering Pastor Gabriel a manicure.


When Nina Zamdela found out how much influence the pastor had over the community, she immediately went to introduce herself.



I wonder if Katlego will be going to church anytime soon – that poor pastor won’t know what hit him.

Skhu took Samantha Sharma under his wing, showing her around Horizon Deep. Although his interest is not just as a friend. He took her to visit Lerato at the salon where she immediately offended Lerato.

Samantha modified

But it wasn’t only in her personal life where miss Sharma was brash and forceful.  She was even worse at work.  Wanting to televise Frank’s coma and trying to get the police to leave the crime scene/Hardline studio before they were done with their job.

Samantha seems to take pleasure in being rude and offensive.  So far I’ve seen nothing likeable about this woman even though I like Zakeeya Patel.



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