Last week on 7de laan 3/07/2015

Last week 7de laan started with Ty trying to fish out from Bernard what he knew about the dog food situation. OMW! I can’t love Ty and his sneakish ways more than I already do. He was hilarious in that scene. Bernard was of course unaware of Ty and Gita’s involvement in the dog food story and told more than he should have.


Gita took care of the situation by arranging that a man, Colin, pose as the owner of the Doggie dog food company and threaten to sue the Hillside Times if they published the ‘false’ allegations.


Neville was angry and told Bernard to check his facts before handing in a story.


Bernard was confused, but certain that he had his facts straight.


He had no intention of letting the story go and investigated further, getting a sample of the dog food to test – with some help from a friend of Xander.


Altus woke up from his coma and found out he couldn’t remember a lot of things.  But he seemed to remember that he and Paula weren’t together because he treated her terribly. I thought Heino Schmidt did a good job playing a sick Altus – very different from what we’ve seen from him in all his years on 7de laan.  The actor must have been happy to play something more substantial after years of playing the same old Altus.


Paula was upset by Altus’ rejection, but this time there was no running away and feeling sorry for herself.  Paula was sick and tired of the games and when Altus was discharged and asked Diederik to fetch him, Paula went instead.


I don’t think I’ve been as impressed with Diaan’s acting since Paula’s baby died a few years ago.  And I don’t know when she’s been more beautiful – without even seeming to try.

Mr Prince was not happy with Anna! He went to the Hillside Times to confront her even though it was the Oggendblad who all but named him as the teacher who molested a student.

And if Nina needed anymore reason to shriek and cry, then Pulane and her gossiping ways added fuel to the fire. OMW! Could Pulane have been anymore annoying?


And then well meaning Felicity carried the story on after scolding Pulane…


…by spreading the news to Matrone who went to sympathise with Nina.


These people…when will they mind they own business??? When will the gossiping end?

The two wicked ‘stepsisters’ – Kim and Pulane – are always the centre of gossip in 7de laan.


An upset Nina upset Marko who on alternate days made up


…or fought with Anna.


I don’t know what was worse – Marko shouting at Anna or kissing her. Okay…kissing wins as worst by a few hundred miles. That was awful, awful, awful!

Mrs Prince accidentally ran into Nina while the girl was waiting for Anna and gave her an earful for ruining her husband’s reputation.


Mr & Mrs Prince make a good couple. They are both horrible people. I hope they don’t have children of their own!

And Nina cried and cried and cried.


Louis was still busy making changes around T&T and got a quick education about Kim’s former colleague.  That Kim really has no feeling for other people because she told Louis (in a very crass way) that Lindile was found dead on a dump.


Other than work Louis spent time with Petro and went on a few dates.  They look sweet together and seem to be having a lot of fun with each other.


He told his sister, Nadia, that he likes spending time with Petro.


His brother Willem started a new job and by the end of the week was fired from his job.  No wonder, he was on tea breaks and lunch breaks all day long.  At one stage no one knew if Willem actually had a real job. I still don’t know.


There were some nice family moments with the Croukamp/Spies siblings.  Reminded me of my siblings when we were growing up and now as adults when we are all in the same country.


As for the rest…

Hilda and Oubaas were still talking about/planning a camping trip.

Ntabi, with encouragement from Kim, was on the look out for Dali.  Thank heavens we she hasn’t found him (yet).


Neville found a picture of Charmaine as a young child with a boy who she said was her cousin. The picture seemed to upset Charmaine.





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