Last week on Generations the Legacy 10/07/2015

Last week Angela got a new hairstyle on Generations the Legacy.


And so did Mary.  They must’ve used quite a bit of their hair budget on Mary’s new blonde hair 😉


Mary had a whole new makeover with some (reluctant) help from Jonathan.  She bought owhat she thought was a genuine fur coat, but Nolwazi put her right quickly. Much to her annoyance.


The funniest scene of the whole week was Mawzi visiting the Diale’s to tell them how his brother sexually harrassed their Namhla.  Lucy wasn’t interested until she heard they could get money from Ezweni.





Then they even roped gog’Flo in to try and convince Namhla to report Smanga.


Of course they had no idea that Mawzi’s reasons were far from noble.  All he cared about was getting Smanga into trouble so he could get an advantage at Ezweni.  I don’t quite know who of the brothers I like least.  They are both terrible people who only care about themselves.


Their aunty Karabo was concerned about Namhla, but also concerned about Ezweni. Namhla, with the help of her uncle Cosmo, got herself a lawyer.


But Smanga wasn’t going to take things lying down.  He threatened Namhla telling her that he would use use every cent he has to fight her claims and find her and her family’s dirty laundry.


But Karabo had other problems as well.  Her childhood sweetheart was dancing with someone else.  Scarlet.  Zola and Scarlet actually look great together.


People – including Tshidi – noticed how much time Karabo and Zola were spending together and also how jealous Karabo got when Zola and Scarlet were together.


And Zola played Mr Innocent through it all.  On the one hand encouraging a relationship with Karabo while on the other hand knowing she gets jealous when he gives his attention to Scarlet.

Karabo even got it in her heart to play nice with her husband for once.

Gadaffi started the week bitching and moaning about his plight again, but then got some hope when he felt movement in his legs.  Little by little he saw more improvement and started going for physio. He still pretended to be helpless and angry when Tau came around with a peptalk.

Poor Tau…he’s got it coming at him from all sides.

His sister Tshidi has her own set of problems.  Other than dealing with a grumpy husband who she thinks is suidical, things got out of hand at work.

Instead of playing nice with her staff so they can have her back, she got into another insulting session with Nolwazi – and Mawzi noticed.


#hastag World forgot to flight a client’s adverts through Tshidi wanting to micro manage her staff. Always the sign of a mediocre manager, I must add.



When she tried to put things right with the client, he wanted what she gave to her other client, Trevor.


Tshidi decided to negotiate with the man – exchanging bedroom activities for a bigger account. And her mother encouraged her it was the right decision since she had the account already.


It backfired when he took the entire account away from #hashtag World and gave it to Ezweni! After some pursuasion – and no offer of bedroom negotiations – from Tau and Mawzi.



And no offer from Tshidi could stop him.


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