Last Week on Isidingo 10/07/2015

Last week the nyaope drug arrived full force in Isidingo in the form of poor Duma. That poor man, every time we see him he is suffering some sort of sorry affliction.  The Deep’s resident PSA – someone for the Zondiles to rescue.


Anyhow, Duma rushed into his friends’, the Zondiles, house one night in fear of his life.  Immediately Sizwe and Sechaba noticed he was on drugs.  All at once Sibeko Gold put the newly reinstated Sechaba in charge of rooting out the use of nyaope on the mines. And Eddie had files and files of crimes committed by nyaope users.


Even pastor Gabriel and Nina were suddenly all over the nyaope problem.

Nina made it clear that Georgie Zamdela was always anti drugs and as such the shebeen was not dealing drugs.

Duma looked for money or things to to sell in his friends house for his next fix.

Frank Xavier was still in a coma all week, although he did have a setback of sorts while the Sibeko women were keeping vigil at his bedside.


Through all this pastor Gabriel conducted a prayer service for Calvin and Frank – attended by real life media personalities Katy Katopodis and Leanne Manas.


As well as gangsters…uhmmm businessmen…Barker Haines and Lincoln Sibeko. And all Horizon Deep regulars.


Pastor Gabriel was in his element – obviously a great performer when he has an audience. He was very mindful to take pictures for the church Facebook page.

So much so that Nina gave her donation right there and there outside the church. In full view of Sizwe who wasn’t in the least impressed.  He later told Sechaba that Nina was paying a bribe.

After being confronted Pastor Gabriel made it clear to Nina that he money was for the church and not for him personally. He was not accepting bribes.


What is this pastor up to though? He told Lincoln and Barker that the three of them would be the pillars of the community.


Lincoln spent much of last week trying to figure out who leaked the files to Frank.  Katlego did her best to cast suspicion on Angelique and Angelique spent most of the week trying to deny and deflect suspicion back onto Kat.  Poor Nikiwe was left in the middle.

Oh and Samantha was running around trying to put together an interview with Lincoln. And Eddie Holmes was back to being the intrepid detective.  He needs a new partner in solving crime much more than we need more ON Tv journalists.

All while Calvin escaped from the clutches of the rebels and is now running around who knows where, probably mumbling indistinctly as usual. Sorry I was just picturing that.

If anyone can explain what is going on here, I would like to know.  It seems a whole lot of carrying on about nothing.

Who cares about who leaked the files? It wasn’t even all that interesting. The files were leaked so move on and find out who shot Frank. And then why. Dammit!

Out of seemingly nowhere Bradley Haines showed up in town.  He was a sight for sore eyes, but within a few minutes started bitching with Rajesh.  Are you serious?? Why? It’s not as if Brad had anything to do with the breakdown of Rajesh’s marriage. That whole scene was just stupid.

Barker decided that Brad had to run the Duncan, but had to first start cleaning toilets.


Then he had to bartend.  And Rajesh decided to make Brad’s job even harder. Whatever!

Will we ever see a story resolved in Isidingo again? We seem to be going round and round in neverending monotonous circles.  That’s what it felt like last week, anyway.

Praise the soapies gods for pastor Gabriel and Nina Zamdela. Amen.



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