Last week on 7de laan 10/07/2015

Last week saw Nina’s mother, Stella (Renske Jacobs) arrived in 7de laan.


At first Nina was upset and cried and shrieked some more. Earlier we were given some hope that Nina would be a bit happier and more relaxed after Mr Prince was jailed.


She even went on what seemed like a very pleasant date with Matrone’s nephew or cousin or something.

But as soon as her mother arrived she went back to morbid mode – just for a while. Her mother apologised for not being there for Nina and told her she would make things right with her.  Be a mother to her by moving to Rondebosch in Cape Town. Now I live one suburb away from Rondebosch and it’s not close to the beach – as Nina’s mother described. I hope Nina doesn’t act out when she finds out when they arrive at their new home 😉

So that was that – Nina’s story was over.

There was another very sudden departure.  Petro had news that her mother wasn’t feeling well, but then her dad  called to say her mom was better.  Her mom had a set back and the first Louis heard was when Nadia informed him that his date had to leave suddenly as her mother had died.


According to Nadia, it doesn’t look like Petro is coming back.


What now for poor Louis? All work and only play with his brother and sister?

Altus got impatient because his recovery is taking too long and took a trip in his car.  As far as the nearest lamppost.  Altus had a few bruises, but was okay.  When Paula found out she rushed to him.


They spoke of how they couldn’t live without each other, kissed and made up.

Paula modified


Now let’s hope they stay that way because it is not my hope to have every handsome man who arrive in 7de laan wasted on the most beautiful woman they have ever, every set their eyes upon.


Aggie and co were delighted at the reunion!


Ntabi was all of a sudden dissatisfied with Neville and his running of the Hillside Times.


She was upset that he didn’t understand the new media and complained to Aggie.  Aggie probably couldn’t take the complaining anymore and gave Ntabi an advert for a community newspaper for sale in Bloemfontein.


Which Ntabi is considering.

Willem set up shop in Oppiekoffie with his laptop and celllphone and seemed to have a business going there. There was a scene with him and Dewald and shame, poor Dewald looked a little bedraggled next to Willem.


Willem meanwhile got his sister some new hair extensions with the money he’s been making.

NadiaHair Seeing how excited she was, he came up with the idea to sell hair extensions.  His first two clients were Pulane and Maria.  Looks like business is booming.

But not so much for Gita and Ty.  Bernard’s story was published and everyone was impressed, except Gita and Ty.


As usual Gita turned on Ty and blamed him for everything that went wrong.



Okay, it was his idea initially, but Gita went along with it and was excited to spend the money.

Now they’re both in the dog box 😉 And Bernard is the hero.

Someone still seems to be watching Charmaine…how though seeing how small the arcade is and everyone knows everyone else in Hillside.


And we saw a scene with Nina and his babysitter.


The girl was one the phone and paid little attention to the baby.


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