7de laan spoilers and speculation – August 2015 (Updated)

The newest spoilers  added on 14 August are marked (new).

If you wondering how long before they discover Charmaine locked up or what will happen with Charmaine and her crazy twin sister Vivian, look no further…

Charmaine is rescued by Neville around 4 August (TV Plus, 5 August) after he gets suspicious and follows Vivian to where she is keeping her twin sister. Vivian is institutionalised again and Charmaine goes to see a psychologist to deal with her trauma. But Vivian escapes around 17/18 August and Charmaine gets herself a bodyguard. (new)  

The bodyguard (played by Teddy Geldart) comes with his own set of problems when he takes his job too seriously.  His presence attracts more attention to Charmaine and he attacks a customer who gets too close to Charmaine.  She eventually fires him on 31 August. (new)

Also on 31 August, Neville, Xander and Vince are at the Hillside Times when Vivian walks in…with a gun! (new)

From the looks of 7de laan spoilers for August 2015, Willem will set his sights on a new woman! And the woman in question – Felicity! His stepmother! Would 7de laan really go there? Okay, we have seen Gita seduce a young Bernard a few years ago…But we’ve not had anything more controversial than contaminated dog food recently.

The BCCSA better ready themselves for complaints if this turns out to be the case! The poor children! And puppies of SA!

I like Felicity and I like Willem (seriously!) so this should be interesting.

Felicity starts noticing that Willem is acting strangely around her and tells Aggie. Willem plans a romantic evening with Felicity, but it doesn’t go according to plan (new)

Felicity feels uncomfortable when Pulane says Willem is handsome. (new)

Willem hits on Felicity again, but they don’t know that Louis is taking notice. Felicity begs Louis not to tell Herman (new)

Herman blames Willem because of a misunderstanding with Nadia (what’s new what that??) (new)

Gita wants to take revenge on Herman for buying the Heights majority share and uses his children to do so.  She starts by causing trouble in Nadia’s love life.  Probably making her question what is going down with Sonja and Dewald when she’s not around.

Nadia makes a decision about her future which “leaves Herman heartbroken.” (Simone Nortmann’s last episode on 7de laan is reportedly on 7 August. Read more about which actors are leaving and arriving in 7de laan here). And then Gita tries to manipulate Willem. (new) 

Meanwhile Paula and Altus are living happily ever after – thank goodness. With Paula doing a makeover on their flat. And Paula’s dad comes to town. However Aggie finds out a secret that Paula is keeping and gossips with Vanessa.

Paula’s dad, Mr Marthinus van de Leq (played by Deon Lotz),  finds out that Altus cheated on Paula and isn’t happy in the least. (new)

Petro is back and Louis gets a bit jealous when he sees her with Bernard. But it doesn’t look like he has much to worry about. Louis and Petro make a decision about their future.

I have bad news for fellow 7de laan viewers who can’t stand Matrone and Hilda and their issues.  Looks like we’re getting more of that.  I’ll keep the mute button on my remote at hand 😉 Matrone hires Maria to help her with a baking project (new)

Marko and Anna make peace AGAIN! OMW! this is by farrrrr the worst couple 7de laan have ever dreamed up. Although I like both of them – but separately.

Hilda sells Oubaas’ camping gear.  Just say no, Hilda! Camping isn’t for everyone.  And Maria causes trouble between the two.

Ty and Kim can’t stand each other. Say no to ANY relationship with Kim, Ty. PLEASE!

This whole Charmaine story has my attention, so August looks to be very, very interesting on 7de laan.

Read day to day spoilers on TVSA. Additional spoilers from TV Plus 5 and 19 August 2015.





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