Generations the Legacy Soapie Spoiler Chat for July 2015

On July Gadaffi is going to start putting his revenge plot against Tau into action (TV Plus 22 July 2015).  He starts off by kidnapping Karabo – the love of Tau’s life – and putting her in a dungeon.  Sounds familiar? Didn’t something very, very similar happen to Dineo in the old Generations. Yes, of course it did!

Gadaffi plays the concerned brother offering his support and even helping Tau get a private investigator to find Karabo. He doesn’t let on that he can walk either.

He hires a doctor to remove Karabo’s toe and sends a video to Tau showing Karabo’s pain.  And then still sits there supporting Tau.

Unlike Dineo – who for all we know is still Kenny’s hostage – Karabo escapes on 31 July 2015.

Nolwazi accepts Mawzi’s job offer and since Tshidi was being so horrible she leaves with some #hastag world inside info, client files.  It’s by time Nolwazi! Tshidi is a horrible boss …mediocre, actually.

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