Isidingo Soapie Spoilers and Speculation – August 2015

Calvin is about to take Frank’s ashes to Cape Town when he is asked to do a Hardline episode. Oh no! More Hardline!

Pastor Gabriel – my reason for watching Isidingo these days – is on the loose amongst the women in Horizon Deep.

Now that he has conquered Nina Zamdela (on 23 and 24 July) and slept with her, he sets his gorgeous sights on Zukiswa! Nina isn’t happy that she’s been cast to the side.

He takes advantage when he discovers that Zukiswa has a crush on him. OMW! This should be interesting! Mrs Prim and Proper Zondile in love with the pastor!

Zukiswa discovers she has a crush on her pastor on 21 August and gets kissed by the pastor on 24 August.

A jealous Nina starts putting it in Sizwe’s mind that pastor Gabriel and Zukiswa are getting more than a bit friendly.

Sizwe straight out asks his wife if she’s in love with their pastor.  She doesn’t admit to it.

Nina tries to make peace with the Zondiles after the havoc she caused in their relationship.  But they are not interested.

And that’s not the only order of business for Pastor Gabriel.  Seems like he sets up some of the church council members so that money disappears and gets rid of a church elder or two. Looks like he wants a few yes men of his own on the church council. The good pastor wants to have control of the church accounts! Plus he gets involved with Barker Haines. Yoh, didn’t we all know this man was up to no good?

Barker offers Angelique a job just as she is about to leave town.

That Barker Haines has to involve himself everywhere. Dammit, can’t he go spend more time with his beloved son Jody?

If we thought (or wished) that the Sibekos had taken a well-deserved holiday for a few months, we were wrong.  Looks like Angelique is going to keep them front and centre when she takes up the cause for the women miners at Sibeko Gold and comes into direct conflict with the mourning Nikiwe.

As for the others…

Samantha gets involved on Twitter with Lerato’s help. Her Twitter account gets hacked and she thinks Lerato is responsible **yawn**

Eddie is up for promotion.

Rajesh feels chemistry between him and Angelique! Ohh freaking no!!! Please, when is Rajesh climbing Kilimanjaro again??? Angelique deserves better.

If I ignore everything except the Pastor Gabriel business, then August looks like a pretty good month on Isidingo.

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