Last week on Generations the Legacy 17/07/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Smanga thought he’d pursuaded Namhla to drop the sexual harrassment charges by threatening to expose her family’s criminal present and past and her relationship with Mr Sokhulu.
However he got the shock of his life when Cosmo showed up and beat him up, breaking his collar bone.


Smanga wasn’t going to take this lying down, instead he laid a charge against Cosmo for assault and Cosmo was arrested.


Karabo wanted to get to the bottom of the sexual harrasment charges, with a lot of pushing from Mawzi and a visit from Lucy who told Karabo that Smanga had intimidated Namhla to drop the charges.



So Mawzi got his way with a hearing scheduled. Namhla was encouraged by her family to stand strong and go ahead with the hearing with a lawyer representing her.



An unrependant Smanga was found guilty of sexual harrasment and ordered to go for counselling. And Namhla was awarded R300 000, but instead of accepting it, she decided to take the matter further in civil court.

Meanwhile Gadaffi told Cosmo that he should bargain with Tau to get him out of jail. Drop the charges or he would tell Gadaffi that Tau was responsible for him getting shot.

Tau agreed, but told Smanga that he should use the assault charge as leverage to get Namhla to drop the civil claim. So Namhla dropped the charges and Cosmo was freed.

Still Smanga wasn’t happy. He blamed his family for not standing by him and stormed out of the house.


Later Simphiwe went to his hotel room and suggested he accept his punishment and get his job back. She found him with a woman in the hotel room.


Smanga has gotten worse and worse as the weeks has gone on. I’m not sure if a sexual harrasment course is going to do the trick.

Gadaffi carried on like someone with bipolar disorder. One minute he was nice to his wife and the next moment he shouted at her. He has however taken some of his energy and put it into physiotherapy and it started paying off. Because he was able to take a few steps – although only Cosmo knows so far.


He decided that it was time to start taking revenge on Tau.


He and Cosmo came up with a plan to kidnap Tau, make it look like a highjacking, then take him to the warehouse where Gadaffi would shoot him.


And that’s exactly what they did. We last saw Gadaffi pointing a gun at the boot of the car where Tau was being held. Read about Gadaffi’s revenge on Tau here.


Tshidi was still running #hastag world like a tyrant. With ‘special’ treatment for Nolwazi. Tshidi was upset because she believed Nolwazi gave client information to Mawzi, when she hadn’t.
After hearing Nolwazi complain, Mawzi offered her a job at Ezweni. Nolwazi was still loyal to #hastag world though and reminisced about the good working relationship she had with Kumkani.
After another argument with Tshidi, Nolwazi told her about the job offer at Ezweni.


Tshidi fired her then and there.


Tshidi also tried to poach Siya’s account away from Ezweni, unsuccesfully!

Meanwhile Mary tried her best to trend online with some ridiculous make up. She also decided to name the baby and came up with a few silly names that combined her and Tau’s names. Shame, if that’s all they can write for Mary, then it’s no wonder the actress decided to leave Generations the Legacy.


Karabo told Mary that she and Tau would name the baby once he/she is born.

After Tshidi questioned Karabo’s relationship with Zola,


she encouraged Scarlet to continue dating Zola, even though Scarlet thought Zola was interested in Karabo.


As soon as she saw Zola and Scarlet getting along and kissing, Karabo got all jealous.




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