Last week on 7de laan 17/07/2015

Last week Charmaine had a few strange occurances.  She told a refrigerator repairman that she didn’t need him then later wondered why he hadn’t pitched up.


Was rude to Matrone when she made a booking for the following day and then forgot about the booking.  She was  short with Kosie of Swannie’s butchery when he brought her meat. She also ordered much more coffee than she intended.

All while not remembering doing anything of the sort.


She told Neville that it was worrying – but he put it down to the ageing process.

What the heck is going on with Charmaine??

We had lots of baby Wian moments last week.  OMW! That baby is far too cute.


There was a scene with a scarecrow looking Dewald singing to the child with Sonja present.


That he didn’t cry was a miracle.  Nadia walked in and looked like she felt left out of the domestic bliss.

His nanny, Anel (Kara du Toit) had boyfriend problems so didn’t pay attention to the little boy.


She managed to ignore him by plugging in her earplugs while he cried.  Sonja noticed that her baby had nappy rash.

She got home unexpectedly and caught Anel neglecting Wian and then Xander advised he to get a nanny cam.  She eventually – after trying all day to look at her tablet  –


caught Anel leaving a crying Wian alone while she took a call outside and ignoring him when she eventually returned.


Anel was immediately fired.


Nadia was meanwhile spending the night at Sonja and Dewald’s flat without telling her father that Dewald lived there.  Dewald (and we viewers) know how Herman is going to blow a gasket when he finds out.


Sonja also doesn’t look that happy that her bestie is there at all hours when she has to study!


Gita was again looking for money.  Apparently she spent all the money they earned from getting rid of the dog food on repackaging and warehousing etc.


Ty advised her to sell a share of the Heights to an investor.  And she got a few offers although she was only prepared to sell a maximum of 49% share.


As luck would have it, Willem was in earshot when Ty spoke to Diederik about the shares offer.


He told his dad to use his name to buy the share in the Heights since there is no way Gita would sell to Herman.


I doubt Willem knows his father had a romantic relationship with Gita once upon a time and that’s why she hates his guts. For once Willem pleased his father though.

Earlier Herman complained to Felicity how irresponsible Willem is and how he wished Willem was more like his brother Louis.

As for the rest…

The Hillside Times said goodbye to Ntabi and wished her well on her new adventure of running a community newspaper in Bloemfontein.  Be strong Free Staters!


Hilda was not happy with her and Oom Oubaas’ camping trip.


The van der Lecq/De Bruyns are still very much in love… so we can all sleep well 😉


Louis was very busy planning T&T’s revamp. But he did spend a moment missing Petro.


Bernard was upset with Willem because Willem wore his shirt – one that Danelle gave to him!  That is so unlike laid back Bernard who hardly ever gets upset with anyone.




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