The Good, the so- so, and the Not so Good on Isidingo

In the last few months there have been single days when Isidingo has been so good that I could hardly tear my eyes away from the screen.  Like Priya and Brad’s budding relationship, Lerato and Skhumbuzo’s little flirtation, Frank’s shooting, the church service for the Xaviers, etc.

In between there were days when I missed whole episodes…while the tv was tuned into Isidingo. It was that boring.

I don’t yet want to give up on Isidingo because there are things I like…but it’s not always easy to stay tuned.

The Good 

The best thing about Isidingo these days is Pastor Gabriel.  The fact that we can’t yet figure him out is a huge bonus.  There’s something about that man and it doesn’t hurt he’s being played by Aubrey Poo. My favourite Scandal actor back in the day. The only time I watched Scandal for an extended period, mind you.

Nina Zamdela comes a close second.  I had no idea who Khabonina Qubeka was before Isidingo and still don’t know what else she’s famous for.  However, Nina is almost as interesting as the pastor.  Although as Georgie’s daughter we already have some idea that she’s no angel.

Sizwe and Zukiswa are entertaining in their own way.  I like seeing them at home. They have such a normal, yet slightly awkward relationship.

The So-so

Lerato, Sechaba and Skhumbuzo.  I don’t mind seeing those three although how Isidingo writers copped out on the Lerato and Skhu’s early attraction was disappointing.

Nikiwe and Katlego.  I don’t mind these two when they’re not carrying on about the Xavier men or Lincoln.

Seeing Dr Beth back is good, although it doesn’t look long term.

Angelique at least doesn’t annoy me.  I liked her with Frank for the short while they had, but anyting Sibeko Gold or Hardline left me cold.

Calvin and Charlie were so good around Valentine’s day and then nothing.  Until now when it feels contrived and forced.

The Not so Good

My biggest problem with Isidingo these days is that it tries to be too clever.  Like it’s above us viewers.  It’s almost like that person who thinks he/she is the smartest person in the room. Isidingo used to be clever without trying too hard.

Now a story gets started, looks sort of interesting – then nothing.  No resolution.  Especially stories that involves Sibeko Gold and Barker Haines.

Isidingo used to be about telling stories and taking it to a conclusion – ugly or not. Popular or not.  Without letting us feel like we’re being taken for a ride.

Samantha Sharma. OMW! I can’t even say how irritating she is.  She’s another insult to long time viewers because she arrives in Horizon Deep and tells everyone – including two of the most powerful and dangerous men, Lincoln and Barker – how it’s going to be.  Without anything to back her bravado up, just an excuse that she doesn’t have a filter.  Whatever!

Isidingo could be so much better if the writers trusted the story and viewers.  One good gimmicky episode a month gets the casual viewers tuning in for the short term, but good storytelling keeps us all watching.






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