Charmaine on 7de laan

Charmaine is losing it big time on 7de laan.

Charmaine was strutting around Hillside, all Dr Phil – telling it like it is  -to almost everyone who crossed her path.

The week started with Charmaine insulting Hilda’s food. Even Matrone was shocked.


Matrone went to Xander to let him know that something is wrong with his mother-in-law/stepmother. Xander couldn’t believe that Charmaine would be rude to anyone, much less Hilda.

The next day Charmaine was once again  her normal self with Hilda. But Hilda wasn’t in the forgiving mood.

Charmaine then tackled Aggie in TnT, telling her to stop walking around during office hours. And when Aggie told her it’s lunch time, Charmaine gave her a piece of her mind.



The next day Aggie was still upset and told Kim the story of what happened in T&T.


Charmaine though went about her business as if nothing happened.


After attacking Aggie in TnT, Charmaine went to Hillside Travel.  It started all fine with Charmaine looking through island holiday brochures, but when Gita brought up the delivery people delivering things through the mall, Charmaine went ballistic. (BTW last time we saw there wasn’t a back entrance.  Remember the hostage drama?)


She told Gita to call the suppliers herself and stormed out.


Next on Charmaine’s hitlist was  Vanessa.  After Xander told her about her mother’s strange behaviour, Vanessa noticed some things were wrong. Her turn wasn’t far off because when she asked whether her mother would babysit Karmen, Charmaine told her she’s busy and to use her own babysitter.


After Neville told Xander that it surely has to be a misunderstanding – to bring the child anyway- Charmaine was as happy as can be to babysit her grandchild. (BTW that little girl seems to like Neville a lot more than the other actors. I’m sure it was the same the last time she was on.)


She later told Vince that she was happy to have done so.


The worst was yet to come though…

Bonita was waiting for Felicity outside Eclectic E early one morning when Charmaine saw her.  She wanted to know what Bonita was doing there so early when Felicity had a husband and children to take care of.  She told Bonita to not bother Felicity.


Then she said she knows who Bonita is and where she comes from…that she wormed herself into their lives.


and that she should go back to where she came from…the gutter!


Needless to say Bonita was upset…and so was Vince.


Charmaine though was far, far from finished…

She told Pulane off when she tried to help her in Eclectic E.  She said if she were Felicity she would’ve fired Pulane a long time ago. (Except she employed Pulane before and never fired her.)




And then she attacked Matrone again – the second time in a week! Telling Matrone that her koeksisters are dry. Yoh! Only Hilda would ever have the guts to say that.



When Xander invited Charmaine to a family meeting to discuss her behaviour, he got a little piece of her mind as well.



Not everyone is aware of Charmaine’s behaviour.  Neville and Errol didn’t believe it for one second.



Errol would find out soon enough…

But the next person to feel the wrath of aunty Charmaine was Vince!

Vince told Charmaine that the family met because they were concerned about her. She told him that they’re not related.  He isn’t even related to Neville.

He isn’t Neville’s biological son.


And then she stormed out.

The next day was Errol’s turn. Errol was joking about watching the waitresses and scoring their service when Charmaine attacked. Telling him they’re not related.


And asked him to remember where he’s from.




Then we found out it wasn’t Charmaine at all! But her Crazy – as in institutionalised crazy – sister Vivian who has been impersonating sweet, loving Charmaine.




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