Generations the Legacy Spoilers and Speculation for August 2015

Please note: Generations the Legacy has confirmed that Vuyo Dabula, Gaffafi is leaving the soapie.  The actor has decided to pursue other acting oppportunties.

It’s hard to believe Generations hadn’t pinned the actor down to a long term contract. Even though I hate the current storyline, Gadaffi is still one of the best characters on SA soaps and Vuyo is an amazingly good actor.  He will be missed!

Teasers for August 2015

During July we’ve seen Gadaffi lose his mind, first kidnapping Tau with the idea to paralyse him. And then he kidnapped Karabo cutting her toe off. Fortunately none of these stories carried on for more than a few days.

Gadaffi isn’t done yet!

During August he manages to poison Mary’s health shake,  which causes her to collapse and have what is thought to be a heart attack.  She gives birth to what everyone believes is a stillborn baby.  We eventually find out that Gadaffi in fact stole the baby boy.  The child is born alive.

But Tau, Karabo, Mary and the rest of the world thinks the baby died. Of course they are devastated.

Karabo turns more and more to Zola and gets jealous when Zola talking about settling down with Scarlet.

Mary is upset because she is told to leave the Moroka house.

On 20 August Tshidi tells Gadaffi that she started her own business and it’s becoming successful.  For her trouble she gets beaten by her husband. So much so that she is hospitalised!  She tells everyone that she fell down the stairs, but Karabo doesn’t believe it so she posts a guard at the hospital, denying Gadaffi access to his wife.

Gadaffi is visited by the police. And another #hastag World employee quits.

Gadaffi is regretful and decides to fix himself by having an operation which will mean he no longer needs to take the medication that causes the mood swings.

Tshidi eventually confesses to her brother,Tau, that Gadaffi had beaten her up.

Speaking of revenge…

Nolwazi is asked to lay a false claim of sexual harrasment (probably by Mawzi) so Smanga has plans to take revenge on Mawzi by seducing his brother’s wife Simphiwe!

Mawzi sabotages Smanga’s PR campaign.

On 25 August Smanga comforts Simphiwe after she has a fight with her husband.  Simphiwe thinks Smanga is just being friendly. He is there for her more and more and when she does take notice of his advances she at first pushes him away.  But seeing Mawzi isn’t there for her, she starts to warm to her brother-in-law.

Not that Mawzi has a leg to stand on because he sleeps with Nolwazi.  These Morokas!

Simphiwe interrupts a kiss – unknowingly.

Getty let slip that Nolwazi is sleeping with a married man.  Which sets Simphiwe into action…setting her up with an unmarried man.


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