Last week on 7de laan 31.07.2015

Last week we were formally introduced to the ever so crazy Vivian on 7de laan.  She pretty much took over the whole show. You can read about her introduction here and how she insulted everyone she met here.


Other than the evil twin situation…

Petro turned up right out of no where! And what a sight for sore eyes she was.



She and Louis went on a date where she spoke of her mother’s passing. And she got her job back at Oppiekoffie – although she might already regret that. Since Vivian took charge.

She also helped Sonja encourage Nadia to join them for a girls night seeing how Dewald was going to be out of town.  Felicity overheard Sonja and Nadia talking about Dewald going out of town and gave Nadia an ultimatum.  Tell her dad about Dewald and Sonja being roommates or she would.


Since Nadia hadn’t told her father by later in the week, Felicity did the honours.  Why she told Herman late in the evening, only she will know.


Herman flew out of the house in a wild rage to fetch his daughter from her sleepover.  And all but dragged her out of Sonja’s flat in front of her friends.  That man has serious anger issues – to say the very least.

Willem meanwhile was flirting away with his stepmother.  Giving Felicity compliments on her clothes – fortunately not on her wig. Ai! that wig!


She also received an anonymous bunch of flowers – at first she thought from Herman. But he hadn’t sent it.

Louis picked up on the fact that there is someone in Willem’s life.  He thinks it’s Kim. Although Willem said it’s an older woman.  Kim can’t be that much older than Willem. Can she?

Felicity and Willem were tallking when she asked if he had a woman in his life.  He said yes, but he’s taking it slow.


Bernard and Sifiso took up Felicity’s offer of the semi.


They moved in and already had their first house party.  Their housewarming party.

Gita decided to move out Hillside Travel’s offices.  She gave Ty two days to find them another place. And after searching how and low, he saw that Eclectic E’s lease was coming to an end.   He suggested to Gita that they move the travel agency there.


Gita gave Felicity a month’s notice.  Felicity, unbelievably hadn’t yet

renewed the lease! She got a month’s notice.

When Felicity mentioned it to Herman, he told her Eclectic E wasn’t going anywhere.  It would take another week before the Heights would be in his name.




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