Last week on Generations the Legacy 31/07/2015

Last week Gadaffi took his evil ways to another level on Generations the Legacy.  He tormented the kidnapped Karabo via a wayward doctor and Cosmo.  He demanded the Dr cut off Karabo’s toe and was in the process of cutting a tongue when Karabo escaped.


Here I have to confess, fellow Generations the Legacy viewers, I stopped watching Generations this week and only caught up on Friday. So please forgive me if some things are missing.  I just couldn’t stomach watching all the evil goings on.


Karabo managed to inject the doctor with the sedative he was planning to inject her with before taking out her tongue.  A woman found her and took her home.  That lucky woman is going to get a R10million reward, people!


Karabo was taken to hospital where the family gathered. Including the mastermind behind the kidnappings. Gadaffi himself.  Offering sympathy and advise.  The bast**rd!


Karabo was all nice around her family but when ex-boyfriend Zola arrived, she told him she blamed Tau for her kidnapping since he is the one someone is taking revenge on.


Nolwazi had her own revenge plan going.  She got someone to hack into the #hastag World server and leaked all kinds of confidential information. Including salaries – which caused a bit of a problem between the staff.

Tshidi was livid! She went to Nolwazi’s home and confronted her.


And then she returned later all gangster and threatened Nolwazi with a gun.

Nolwazi though didn’t step back one inch.  She told Tshidi they are now even.  She has the emails Tshidi traded with Trevor – the account for sex trade – and Tshidi had the hacked server on her.


Now that Gadaffi has turned pure evil, Nolwazi is definitely my favourite character in Generations the Legacy.  She might even be able to put some life into the boring Mawzi.

Getty had enough of everyone walking all over her.  I must add that Getty looked gorgeous!


She gave Nolwazi a piece of her mind for stealing information from her laptop and then she turned on the cunning orphan girl, Lesedi.

Lesedi’s plan to milk Getty for all she’s got fell flat when Getty found out the letter from the principal of the orphanage was fake.


Then she threw Lesedi out. Thank goodness.  Whoever thought up that story for Generations the Legacy should be sent to do community service! They used Mandela Day to show how helping children can be more trouble than it’s worth. Who does that?

Namhla had problems with taking lingerie photos and went to see her psychologist.



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