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Last week we saw Vivian’s reign of terror cut short on 7de laan when Charmaine escaped from her crazy twin sister’s clutches. Vivian looked like she was unravelling fast, however Neville followed her and found her holding Charmaine captive.



All good things must come to an end though. Charmaine was rescued and reunited with her family and friends.



I had mixed feelings. I didn’t want to see Charmaine being held captive for weeks on end, but at the same time it was fun having Vivian around. Especially when she reminded people a bit about their histories.

She told Charmaine that she didn’t want her life or her husband, just her money.


If Vinette Ebrahim was good last week (and she was!), I thought she was even better when Vivian told Charmaine how she was locked up and no one came to visit her.


I even felt a tear or two for Vivian close by.


How could Charmaine walk around being nice to everyone, except her own twin sister? She must’ve been over compensating by being aunty and mother to all when her sister was locked up somewhere. Not to mention she has a son running around Cape Town doing who knows what.

The rest of 7de laan took the story of the evil twin sister very well.  None of them spent too much time asking questions.

Seriously, Errol?
Seriously, Errol?

Charmaine saw someone who reminded her of Vivian and a few other strange moments that made her think of being captured so decided then and there that she needed to go see a psychologist.


Since when do soapie characters so easily admit they need help??? And her regular counsellor isn’t available so Matrone recommended someone? Is there something with the new doctor? Could she be connected to Vivan? Am I reading too much into that? Am I asking to much questions?


Gita was strutting around Eclectic E like a boss.  She and her sidekick Ty walked right into the shop and started making arrangements for moving Hillside Travel in there.  Are they ever in for a surprise!


Gita all but told Pulane she should look for a new job! Actually that’s exactly what she told Pulane.


Even if Eclectic E had to move, it doesn’t mean Felicity couldn’t move the store some place else.  But Pulane being Pulane had to throw a hissyfit over nothing. And get everyone else involved.

The sale for the Heights went through and it is now on Willem Spies’ name.  Gita of course has no idea who Willem Spies is.

While Ty had some concerns, he told his aunt that they should be happy that Willem Spies was too busy to meet with them.

But how could Herman be so stupid to put the Heights in Willem’s name instead of just using it as a front? That makes no sense, when you think about it.

Willem was still on his trip – trying to romance his step mother.


As luck would have it, Herman was busy and couldn’t go with his wife to the movies.  Neither could Louis.  Willem looked like the cat who got the cream! He was that happy.  Felicity though wasn’t as happy.

She knows that Willem has a crush on her and  told Aggie that she doesn’t know what to do. Except she could of course directly tell him to him to stop whatever he has on his mind – she’s not interested.


He bought her chocolates and flowers for their ‘date’ and afterwards thanked her with another gift.


And that skinderbek Pulane has taken notice.

Nadia was like a bear with a sore head all week.


Her father kept on treating her like a primary school child, wanting to control her life.

Someone should tell Herman that Nadia is a legal adult and can sleep where she wants to.  Not that he would listen.


He banned Nadia from sleeping at Sonja/Dewald’s place and told her to go home straight after work.


To make matters worse Dewald was too scared to go on a date with Nadia so Sonja volunteered.  Nadia heard and when she later pitched up at the flat and saw roomies Sonja and Dewald playing around she was upset.


She brought up the fact that Sonja is again messing around with one of her boyfriends.



And then she left.

The next day we saw her with packed bags.  She just didnt’ pitch up for work, nor did she tell her friends about her plans.  The girl didn’t even leave a note!


Everyone was frantically looking for her, including you know who.


We later found out that Willem had driven her to the airport – Nadia is in Cape Town. Probably with her stepmother.


Needless to say Herman blew his top and only Louis getting between them stopped Herman from hitting Willem.


How Herman hasn’t had a heart attack this week, is a medical miracle! The day he finds out about Willem and Felicity either Herman or I will be hospitalised with a heart attack.  Me, from just watching him carry on.

Hilda still hasn’t told Oom Oubaas that she doesn’t want to go camping even though she told Marko it isn’t for her.


When she heard Oubaas once again making plans for a camping trip, she decided to sell the camping equipment to a willing buyer. Apparently unlike Hilda, Anna likes camping. Or so Marko told Hilda. As long as we don’t have to see Marko and Anna camping. Or kissing. Or fighting. Or talking.


Louis saw Bernard and Petro talking and got jealous.  When Kim told him that Bernard is Petro’s ex-boyfriend (she didn’t tell him it was only for 2 weeks – if that), Louis kept saying he was was busy any time Petro asked to go out with him.IMG_20150809_175930

Petro showed no interest in Bernard since Louis came into the picture, so I don’t know what Louis’ problem is.

I have to say: unlike the other two soapies that I watch daily, 7de laan episodes just fly by.  I really enjoyed the last few weeks. Long may it last.



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