Last week on Isidingo 07/08/2015

Last week Calvin signed the papers to get his father, Frank’s, body released for cremation.


On the day he wanted to leave Samantha asked him to be a part of a tribute show for Frank.  A few clips of the newsman’s past history as a tv reporter was shown and then someone named Jim Jacobs phoned in to say that he killed Frank.


Calvin said the name sounds strange because it sounds like a generic Cape Town name.  Well, in all my living years I’ve never heard of a Jim or Jimmy Jacobs on the Cape Flats where I grew up. Just saying 😉

The sweetest part this week was Charlie telling Calvin that she wanted to go with him to take his father’s ashes home to his family.  She said they’re a couple and he is her life now. So now Calvin and Charlie are in Cape Town with Frank’s ashes. It’s funny how two characters I don’t particularly care for can come together and be a couple I can get behind.

One of the worst parts of the week involved Calvin threatening Lincoln Sibeko.  Seriously!  Calvin looks like a little boy next to Lincoln.


Eddie Holmes was offered the acting lieutenant post, vacated by Priya.  And his ex-wife/current girlfriend made it her business to get a reluctant Eddie to take the job.


Even offering Eddie a gift to give to Colonel Nene and trying to get Rajesh to influence Eddie.  What Eddie (or we viewers) did to deserve Yvette, I don’t know.  Eddie and Dr Beth would’ve been so much better.  Who though can understand the path of true love. If that’s even what’s going on between Eddie and Yvette.

Angelique moved out of the Sibeko home (again).  Didn’t she already move out while Frank was alive? She had a bitchy moment with Katlego over Lincoln.  Lincoln told Angie earlier in the week that she’s the only person he trusts.  He said the same thing to Kat by the end of the week when he was ready to get it on with her.


But Angie’s departure gave Katlego the opportunity to make another move on her husband. That poor woman has to work very hard to get her own husband in the sack.  If ever there was an abused woman in Isidingo, then Katlego is that woman.

Isidingo though has chosen to make the 100 or so female workers at Sibeko Gold their Woman’s Month candidates.  They are apparently protesting about their working conditions and especially their gear which isn’t female-friendly.


Nikiwe was still mourning Frank’s death and was angry with her father for coming between her and Frank.  As if Nikiwe didn’t make her own choices.  Other than grieving, Nikiwe now has to deal with the female miners issues.

Pastor Gabriel was up to his tricks again.  My liking for the not so good pastor took a huge dive when he started hanging out with Barker Haynes.  Anything to get Barker involved in every damn storyline on Isidingo. And now he’s in cahoots with the pastor **rolling eyes here**.


Between Barker and Gabriel they somehow ‘discovered’ that church money is missing.  They called in Sizwe and and told him that one of the elders must be stealing money and now they have to raise funds urgently.

Sizwe was made a church deacon, much to the disgust of one of the church elders.


Meanwhile Lerato informed Zukiswa about how Nina was used and then dumped by the pastor.  All part of Nina’s masterplan to get sympathy.


The week started with pastor Gabriel telling Nina they had to cool things


and ended off with Nina and the pastor renting another hotel room.

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