Last week on Isidingo 14/08/2015

Last week Barker Haines gave pastor Gabriel a whole briefcase full of money to launder through the church accounts.  But first the not so good pastor had to get control of the church’s bank accounts and finances. How Barker laundered the money before is a whole other story.

The one church elder remaining wasn’t being cooperative.  So Gabriel worked on deacon Sizwe and managed to convince him to vote in favour of giving him sole control over the church’s finances. I don’t know why, because if someone told me that it would be in my and the community’s best interest to give them complete control of our organisation’s finances, I would laugh in their face.  Who gives one person so much control willingly?

Sizwe, that’s who.

Pastor Gabriel’s sheninigans with Barker Haines, the church council and Nina was getting very old and tiresome by the end of Monday’s episode.


And things were not much better through the week. However, things got interesting on Friday when he tried to charm Katlego Sibeko.  After convincing her to keep Barker’s money in the Sibeko’s personal safe and a few personal prayers, Gabriel thought he had a convert in Katlego.  Was he wrong! In my favourite scene of the week, Katlego refused to give the money back unless he told her who he is working with.  Unlike Nina or Zukiswa, Katlego Sibeko didn’t fall for his smooth moves.


It was so satisfying to see that smug man put in his place!


Speaking of annoying men…Lincoln Sibeko didn’t want Angelique to take on the case of the female mine workers, so he organised her a job in New York. When she found out Lincoln was behind it, she decided not to take the job.  Apparently Lincoln and Angie were still in a romantic relationship until this week when Lincoln ended it.

And here I thought they had broken up before Frank died.

To add insult to injury, Angie actually looked upset by the breakup! How do two strong, capable women get involved with a misogynistic, ego maniac like Lincoln???? And then all but beg him to stay with them?

Rajesh almost immediately starting sniffing around Angie, offering her space at the KME offices and support with the female miners case.


Samantha got feedback that she wasnt’ coming across well to viewers of ONTV (and SABC3, Samantha!)  Bradley and Skhumbuzo suggested she try to soften up her image through social media. Twitter to be exact.  Although I would have recommended Instagram 😉


Skhu sent her to Lerato, the Twitter queen, for a quick tutorial.

All this was doing nothing to endear Samantha to this SABC3 viewer, so I’m not sure how the ONTV people were feeling.

However by the end of the week I kind of enjoyed the selfie moment with Lerato and Samantha.






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