7de laan Spoilers and Speculation for September 2015

These are early spoilers for 7de laan for September 2015.  More spoilers will be added as they become available.

  • Vivian’s last visit to the Hillside Times was the cause of Neville’s Meintjies getting shot at the end of August
  • Vivian and Xander fought over the gun and Neville got shot during the chaos
  • Neville is wounded and taken to hospital
  • Xander thinks he is the one who pulled the trigger
  • Bonita has to give Charmaine the bad news
  • Charmaine visits Vivian at the mental hospital to find answers
  • Vivian says that it must’ve been Xander who pulled the trigger
  • Neville dies on 4 September
  • Xander is depressed and has difficulty moving on
  • Vince is worried about his marriage (What now!)
  • Vanessa tries to make peace with Bonita (I don’t even want to know!)
  • Tuesday the 8th is a sad day for the people of 7de laan ( Neville’s funeral. They better check his body to see that he’s dead this time – just to be sure.)
  • Xander doesn’t pitch up for the funeral
  • Neville’s will is read and there is a “shocking secret” (new)
  • Bonita feels betrayed (new) (Looks like not everyone in the Meintjies clan is going to be happy)
  • Gita discovers some skeletons in Willem’s closet
  • Willem can’t stop thinking of Felicity and asks her how she feels about him (I like Willem, and I don’t mind his crush on Felicity, but can’t he just calm down? )
  • Ty becomes best friends with Willem
  • He gets Willem drunk and tries to get him to confess how he feels about Felicity
  • Louis finds a letter from Willem (a letter. seriously?)
  • Gita makes a decision about the Heights without consulting Herman (new)
  • Willem asks Gita for the paperwork of the contract (smart move) (new)
  • Louis confronts Willem (new)
  • Willem confides in Felicity (new)
  • Paula’s dad is against her remarrying Altus and leaves Hillside angry
  • Paula gets a phone call to say her dad was in an accident
  • The wedding has to be postponed as Paula rushes to be with her father in South America
  • Paula notices that her mother isn’t around
  • Marthinus van de Lecq confesses that he was so upset because Paula’s mom cheated on him
  • Altus is worried about his future with Paula (if 7de laan EVER separates Paula and Altus again…I swear I’m going to have to make a voodoo doll in their honour or something. I will not be able to deal.)
  • Altus goes ahead and plans a suprise wedding for when Paula returns
  • Paula returns on 16 September with the blessing of her father (new)
  • Altus tells her on Thursday that the wedding will be the following day (18 September) (new)
  • The wedding does take place (thank the soapie gods) (new) You can read about it in next week’s TV PLUS. There’s details of the dress and decor.
  • IMG_20150911_073931 IMG_20150911_073901
  • Franko Brakel (Paul du Toit), the new physio in T&T wellness centre, arrives in 7de laan on 4 September.
  • He catches Kim’s eye (thank goodness Ty and Kim isn’t going to be a thing.  I hope not anyway. Please, soapie gods, I beg of you! I promise to never write bad things ever again :p )
  • Franko asks Kim on a date but then doesn’t pitch…twice!
  • He gives Kim an expensive bracelet to apologise after the first time
  • Seems like Franko is a player and is hiding at least one other woman
  • Diederik is in love again  – with KIM! (new)
  • Bernard warns Diederik about falling for Kim (new)
  • Matrone challenges Hilda to a baking contest. (Just shoot me now. Just not literally.)
  • Hilda decides to hang up her apron (again)
  • Oom Oubaas makes the wrong choice (probably choosing the better tasting eats – Matrone’s(new)
  • Matrone is worried about her health and makes a doctor’s appointment
  • Dewald’s past catches up with him

Read the day to day spoilers at TVSA. Additional spoilers from TV Plus.

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