Spoilers and Speculation for Generations the Legacy – September 2015

These are early spoilers/teasers for Generations the Legacy for September 2015.  These are updated as more become available throughout the month.

  • Karabo tries to bond with Tau, but her mind is on her old flame, Zola
  • She gets jealous when Zola considers making a life with Scarlet
  • Scarlet isn’t playing Karabo’s game.  Zola is her man and she refuses to allow Karabo to come between
  • Karabo is offered drugs and isn’t strong enough to say no
  • She goes to Narcotics Anonymous and bares her soul
  • Karabo makes a move on Zola
  • Nolwazi goes on a blind date set up by Simphiwe
  • She uses the date to make Mawzi jealous
  • Nolwazi tries to seduce Mawzi in his wife’s wedding dress
  • Getty gets asked out by a guy she likes
  • However, his motives might just be dodgy
  • Gadaffi still isn’t happy after getting revenge on Tau
  • He goes to see a psychologist and then gets angry when the psychologist calls him out on his behaviour
  • Lesedi hides food and Namhla takes pity on her
  • Cosmo admits he has a child of his own
  • Angela is in an accident
  • Gadaffi tries to get his wife back
  • Mary meets a rich sugar daddy
  • “Two old friends rediscover each other as lovers” Could this be Karabo and Zola??

Spoilers courtesy of TV PLUS and TVSA



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