Felicity and Willem kiss on 7de Laan

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Oh my hat! I didn’t see that kiss between Felicity and Willem coming tonight on 7de Laan. It looked like it was going to be another episode of Willem trying to convince Felicity to do who knows what.

Because there’s no way he can expect Felicity to leave her husband to set up home with him, right?

However tonight was different! Felicity had a fight with Herman because he is always going out to work meetings at night.


And Willem was there. Again trying to charm his father’s wife.


Felicity was back to saying the same things she’s been saying. Telling Willem to leave her alone.


When she tried to leave the room Willem pulled her back…


And then they kissed!


And then they kissed again, without noticing Louis had entered the house.


Louis looked shocked and confused!


I didn’t think 7de laan would go there. But I’m glad they did. This is real soapie drama!  I find the way Hilda speaks to Maria a LOT more offensive than Willem kissing Felicity.

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