Pastor Gabriel and Zukiswa Kiss on Isidingo

OMW! This has to go down as one of the most uncomfortable kisses I’ve seen on soapies in a long time, if not EVER.  And usually I like two unlikely characters to get together.  But seeing Pastor Gabriel kissing Zukiswa was almost like seeing a Rottweiler sniffing around a Chichauhau. You want to look away!

Anyway…Pastor Gabriel has always had a soft spot for Zukiswa. And she’s always had a crush on him.

But this week things got a bit obvious when the pastor came to the conclusion that Zukiswa wasn’t being loved properly.


He scolded Nina when she called Zuki a church mouse and encouraged Sizwe to treat his wife better.

Zukiswa meanwhile was gushing about her pastor to Katlego – like a woman who had never been with a man before.  Maybe she hasn’t been in love before. Who knows.

When we saw Sizwe taking the pastor’s advice – preparing a romantic supper for her – the writing was on the wall.  You knew what was coming next.


Next thing Zukiswa was in the pastor’s office to discuss the upcoming conference.  Dressed in a low cut top.


Pastor Gabriel gave her another spiel about requiring her husband to treat her better.


Then he went on about her experiencing joy.


And then he kissed her!


That man!


I don’t want to even know what Sizwe is going to do if he should ever find out what went down in the church while he was at home waiting for his wife.



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