Last week on 7de laan 21/08/2015

Last week on 7de laan Vivian escaped from the mental institution where she was being held and Neville got Charmaine a bodyguard to do heaven alone knows what.  Because what would he do if faced with identical twins?  He doesn’t inspire much confidence with one Charmaine in the room.

Would he even be able to tell the twin sisters apart when her own husband and daughter couldn’t?

Unfortunately we haven’t yet seen any sign of Vivian in Hillside.

Of course the other big story of the week was Louis catching Willem and Felicity in a passionate kiss in the family living room.  Louis was angry for an entire episode, telling his brother and his father’s wife how despicable their behaviour was.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole interaction from the minute the kiss started to the end of Friday’s episode when Louis and Willem nearly came to blows. I like that Louis held them accountable and that Felicity and Willem didn’t just get off scott free for cheating on Herman.

It’s funny how it feels like both characters -Willem and Louis –  have been in 7de laan for a while.  Both their characters are already quite developed – you know what to expect from them. I like the chemistry between the brothers. I think it’s even better than Jan-Hendrik and Tiaan’s. The only difference is that I like Louis and couldn’t stand Jan-Hendrik.  I’m very definitely team Willem though, just as I was team Tiaan back in the day.  I like my bad boys 😉

When Felicity told Willem that he didn’t know her – how she can be, I had a flashback to when Felicity first came into 7de laan.  She was a ‘bad girl’ who got pregnant by Vanessa’s great love, Aubrey.  It took a long time for a lot of viewers to warm up to her.  I of course liked her from day 1, having never liked Vanessa.

Kudos to whoever is writing this part of the story.  It hasn’t disappointed yet.

If I could give some advice to Melanie du Bois (Felicity) and Markus Haywood (Willem)…do your shopping online this weekend 😉

These two stories above are my favourites at the moment.

As for the rest…

Paula and Altus are so deliriously happy that it kind of makes you wonder what is going to happen next.  And when last did we see anyone plan a wedding more than a day or two in advance in 7de laan???

Kim was seeing herself as Paula’s new best friend, heavily involving herself in planning the wedding.  The whole thing just seems very stepford wifeish.  But I’ll only complain if we ever have to see Paula and Altus fighting again. Or Paula being the love of every new man who enters Hillside’s life. I could take or leave these two, but that’s just me.

Paula’s dad is on his way next week.  That’s going to be interesting – seeing her interact with her father.

Vanessa’s got a new hairstyle.  I have no words, so I’ll just put this picture here.


It’s as bad as Felicity’s, but added to that, it also isn’t Vanessa. (Okay, so I had a few words to offer 😉 )

Kim and Ty were still on the warpath, with Kim complaining to everyone who would listen how horrible a person Ty is. But they were also giving each other glances now and then. Which mercifully I missed. I still hope my fervent pleas to the soapie gods are heard and these two find other loves.  Imagine poor Ty has to deal with Gita at work and Kim in his spare time.  Shame, no one deserves that.  Especially not one of my favourite, favourite 7de laan characters.

Gita and Ty were still plotting ways to estrange Nadia from her father – unsuccessfully so far. And Herman was pouring fuel on the fire by taking on Gita every other day about some or other issue in the Heights.

Hilda was upset with Maria for helping Matrone to cook for the old people’s outing.  OMW! I really can’t stand how rude Hilda is to Maria and to Oubaas.  I pretty much ignore her when she’s on my tv screen, so that I don’t have feel my blood pressure rising. And Oubaas fell off a ladder that he’s been climbing on for what seems like forever.

Another enjoyable week viewing 7de laan for me.



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