The Affairs of 7de laan through the years

With Felicity and Willem’s affair currently on our screens in 7de laan, it got me thinking of how many affairs were played out in Hillside through the years.  There was suprisingly a lot more cheating going down in the Laan than most people would like to think.

Here’s a few that I can recall/find…

When 7de laan started the drama 15 years ago, the story focused on the love triangle between Jan Hendrik, Petra and Tiaan.  Petra was torn between the two brothers, got pregnant by Tiaan and married and divorced Jan-Hendrik! Until the day she died she was torn between the two.

Sandra Stutterheim was the love child of Madel Terblanche’s husband who had an affair with Sandra’s mother.  All Sandra’s rage and desire for revenge stemmed from this affair. And Madel hated Sandra for something she had no control over.

Felicity doggedly pursued and got pregnant by Vanessa’s boyfriend, Aubrey.  Felicity’s method then was not unlike Willem’s today 😉

Vanessa in turn full well knew Felicity was in love with and in a relationship with Xander when she got involved with him.  Felicity was overseas at the time  Xander cheated on her.

A married Xander had a huge crush on his sister in law, Bonita. This madness caused his marriage to Vanessa to temporarily break up.

Herman cheated on Felicity with Gita, but she eventually forgave him after he begged for forgiveness and she proposed to him.

Emma broke Herman’s heart when she fell for Dawid Greeff.

George cheated on his fiancee Karien with his bestie and former business partner, Wilmien. He broke their engagement and moved to London with Wilmien, leaving Karien heartbroken.

Vince cheated with Celeste (his son, Christopher’s mother), a married woman.  She was married to an old man for his money. But married is married.

Sweet Dezi had emotional affairs with her ex-boyfriend from way back when, Theuns, and husband Jan-Hendrik’s best friend Douw. Madel caught Douw and Dezi kissing! Ironically Felicity was disgusted when Dezi told her about her feelings for Douw. Dezi eventually left Jan-Hendrik because of her great love for Theuns – her deceased ex.

Isabelle cheated on Ryno with her sister’s ex Dawid Greef. Ryno eventually forgave her.

Kim cheated on Diederik with Willem and broke his heart.

Clara cheated on Diederik with Marko. Poor Diederik was cheated on consistently over the years.

Tim cheated on Bernard’s mother Linda with Gita and baby Ava was born.  Tim eventually divorced Linda to be with Gita.

Bernard cheated on Annelie with Gita.

Sonja cheated with Bertus, the love of her best friend Nadia’s life at the the time and got pregnant with his child.

Altus cheated on Paula with Kristin. And Paula broke Altus’ heart countless times by falling for other men before they were married. Never mind that she was still married to someone else when she started a relationship with Altie again.

Oom Oubaas is not immune from cheating either.  He apparently cheated on Hilda while she was hospitalised in Switzerland and he accidently ended up in Austria enroute to her. He met a woman in a bar and we are led to believe they had a romantic liaison for a few weeks. She even called a few times when he was back in SA. Not forgetting his flirtations with Matrone.

I’m sure there’s a whole lot more that I’ve missed.  I’ll add them if they come to mind.





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