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Last week on 7de laan, Paula’s dad, Marthinus van de Lecq (Deon Lotz), came for a visit. The last we heard- but not seen – of him was when Paula lost her baby and left Hillside to recover with the support of her parents in some South American country. Her dad was a diplomat or something. Altus went to visit her there at one stage to try and bring her back home.

Marthinus was suprised to hear that Paula and Altus were getting remarried. He didn’t even know they were divorced! And yet he was so concerned about his daughter’s impending wedding. Paula told him that she and Altus had worked out their problems and were very happy and ready to take the step again. She failed to tell him the reason for the divorce in the first place.

Fortunately for Marthinus he was in Hillside. A place where no one minds their own business. Where everyone talks about the personal details of everyone else’s life. And so it was that Hilda spilt the beans. She told Mr van de Lecq, a man she had just met, that Altus had an affair with Kristin.

Did anyone really think Paula and Altus would go from reconciliation to remarriage without any drama?

Marthinus was furious!


He told Altus that he doesn’t want him to be with his daughter and he told Paula that he would not give his blessing to this remarriage.

I would’ve preferred if Paula and Altus had themselves had the discussion about the affair…the one they never had. We still don’t know why Altus did it and why he won’t do it again.

It sounds strange that Marthinus van de Lecq is setting ultimatums to his 30something year old daughter who is already twice married and divorced. Does he even know she was married before Altus and that her first husband was abusive?

Louis was still furious at Willem and Felicity and gave them 24 hours to tell Herman about the kiss or he would. It was pretty obvious that no one was going to be telling anyone anything.

Felicity promised Louis that nothing had gone on before the kiss and nothing would happen again. Unimpressed, Louis only agreed to not tell so his father wouldn’t be further hurt seeing that Nadia was now in the middle of the ocean working on a ship.

Willem was upset with the entire world since he couldn’t be with his father’s wife. Seriously Willem! A kiss I get. A short infatuation I understand. But there’s no way Felicity and Willem could be a couple. She’s about 15 years older than him! He doesn’t even have a proper job. Although he does own a building due to his stepfather’s lack of business or legal sense.

Gita and Ty have Willem on their radar so he’ll soon have enough on his plate to take his mind off his father’s wife. Satisfied that she had gotten rid of Nadia, Gita now set her sights on the new majority owner of the Heights. And she already found out about his dramatic entry into 7de laan.

Gita’s plotting and planning just bores me to death. If it wasn’t for Ty, I wouldn’t even know what she’s up to, so little attention I pay to her. She’s like a cartoon character now – same old same old.

Ty somehow attracted Kim’s attention. Out of nowhere she’s been acting childishly idiotic around him – threatening to cut his credit card if he didn’t apologise for who knows what . Anyone other than Kim and I would be happy for Ty.

Oom Oubaas hurt his arm when he fell off the ladder last week and decided to not tell anyone other than Maria. He got Maria to help him do his maintenance work around the Heights. Poor Maria ended up having to sleep in the Deli because Oubaas was too scared to let Hilda know that Maria helped him fix a shelf in the Deli.

Petro and Louis decided to remain just friends.

Charmaine’s bodyguard drew a bit of attention at the start of the week. At first he just stood or sat around Oppiekoffie looked menacing – it’s a miracle someone didn’t call the police.  Seeing how nosy the Hillsiders are.


He got a bit rough with a customer who was rude to Charmaine. I still wonder what he would do if Vivian pitched up, dressed exactly like Charmaine – jewellery and all.

Oh and Pulane got a hideous wig! HIDEOUS! This picture doesn’t do its hideousness any justice.  It’s Felicity’s wig + Vanessa’s wig kind of hideous.




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