Last week on Generations the Legacy 28/08/2015

Last week I unfortunately wasn’t able to see every episode of Generations the Legacy, but what I did see was…

Gadaffi admitted that his addiction to the painkillers caused him to act even more irrationally than usual.  He decided to go cold turkey, stopped taking the pills and rinsed them down the drain. The next morning he was in so much pain that he went to his doctor and begged her to help wean him off the pills slowly.  She recommended surgery.

Tau found out Gadaffi was following Tshidi’s every move via an app.  He reminded Gadaffi that Tshidi has a restraining order against him – to immediately remove the app. Gadaffi still tried to deny that he regularly abused his wife, but Tau was having none of it.  He said he knows what it looks like when someone had been beaten up.

Not that Gadaffi took much notice.  He followed Tshidi to a restaurant where she and Angela were having a meal – discussing their new business partnership.  Angela immediately left the table and called the police while Gadaffi made himself comfortable.

At first Tshidi was strong and told her husband that it wasn’t just the pills that caused him to hit her.


He has done so many times previously without them.


Unbelievable, Tshidi starting softening towards her abuser of her husband when he sweet talked, but the police arrived and told him he was violating the court order and that if Tshidi wanted to lift it she should call her lawyer.


Unfortunately many abused women do the same thing!

To make matters worse Tshidi received some really kind, gentle treatment from Trevor when he saw she was in pain.  Can’t she see that how she deserves to be treated by husband every day?

Gadaffi gave baby Mogale – named Thapelo by his grieving family – to a drug mule to raise.  Every time I saw him holding the baby, I switched the channel.  I couldn’t look at him carrying on like a sick sadist with that little baby

Mawzi meanwhile couldn’t stand the heat between him and Nolwazi and ended up in her bed! At work though he felt guilty and picked fights with her.


She told Getty that she was involved with a married man at Ezweni and at a girls’ night Getty mentioned to the girls, including Simphiwe.


Simphiwe mentioned to her husband that Nolwazi was sleeping with a married man.


Mawzi got angry with Nolwazi and broke off the affair with her (again). An upset Nolwazi confessed to Getty that the married man is Mawzi!


Nolwazi is one of my favourite Generations the Legacy characters and the only one who could have breathed some life into Mawzi.

Generations the Legacy isn’t messing around – no secret is kept for long.

Mawzi’s brother, Smanga, saw the chance to get back at his brother through Simphiwe.  He started softening her up by being a shoulder to cry on.

Lesedi (Luyanda Mzazi) moved in with the Diale’s and didn’t get a very warm welcome from Namhla.  Namhla was far from happy to share her room with the newcomer.  I have to say, Lesedi turned out a lot better than I thought she would when she first came on.

She held her own when Namhla tried to order her around. And made herself useful by volunteering her services in the shebeen.  Against Gogo Flo’s wishes.


Lucy was onto her when Lesedi tried to pickpocket a patron at the shebeen.  Who knows what trouble that girl is going to cause…she seems a lot like Lucy already!

My favourite scene of the week was Tau acknowledging that Mary had a right to say goodbye to the baby she carried.  Denise Zimba was sooooo good in that scene – I had to hold back a tear or two.  Also seeing her touch the urn with the ashes was sad.  Very unexpected.


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