Last week on Isidingo 28/08/2015

Last week the noose starting tightening around Pastor Gabriel’s neck on Isidingo.  Seemed like everyone was on his case!

First Nina was upset that he was not being supportive enough of her business interests.  Barker Haines wanted his money laundered through the church bank account…like yesterday! And he was upset that the money was put in the Sibeko safe.

Barker was ‘innocently’ informed by Katlego about the dirty money in the Sibeko safe and she was suspicious that he was encouraging a relationship with Zukiswa.  She told him she was watching his every move.

Sizwe was also suspicious of the pastor – wondering if he was putting the moves on his wife.

Zukiswa wanted to tell her husband of the connection she shared with Pastor Gabriel. How old is this Zukiswa – acting like an innocent child.  Even though she herself has a son who must be around 6 years old. Are there really women who allow themselves to get taken in by their pastor like that?

Shame, that man has problems though.  All of his own creation, of course.

He thought he could control these people of Horizon Deep, but he doesn’t know them as well as we do!  Sizwe certainly would kill him if he found out about that kiss. He’s already losing control and he doesn’t know a thing about what went down in the church office last Friday night.

What Pastor Gabriel doesn’t know is that Nina is adding fuel to fire.  Telling Sizwe about Zukiswa’s crush and encouraging Zukiswa by telling her how much Gabriel admires her.

As for the rest…I only watch Isidingo for Pastor Gabriel…

However, I did see Samantha carry on about Twitter.  With Lerato, Brad and Skhu in tow. I still can’t believe that the same people who gave us Pastor Gabriel Mothusi also gave us Samantha Sharma.  She is so yawn inducingly boring.  Why Lerato bothers trying to remain friends with her is beyond me.

Lincoln took his misogynistic tendencies to a whole new level.  Not wanting to give the women in the Sibeko Gold mine basic amenities.  He said women don’t belong on the mines.  Someone please smack that man!

Nikiwe and Angelique tried to negotiate a deal.  Yawnnnnn. And Rajesh has started his courtship of Angelique.  Poor woman.

Looks like Katlego has the beginnings of medical problems – at the end of Friday’s episode she looked ill.

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