Last week on Generations the Legacy 04/09/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Gadaffi went for counselling! Telling the psychologist all his dirty deeds.  He even reluctantly admitted to beating his wife.  However, his only motivation was to try and get Tshidi to reconcile with him.

So far, with encouragement from Angela, Tshidi is still standing strong. Barely, but still strong. Even though her horrible witch of a mother keeps encouraging her to go back to her husband! Let’s hope she continues to do so!

Simphiwe set Nolwazi up with a friend of Smanga. And Mawzi was non too happy! He was so jealous that he got drunk when the two couples went on a double date! Nolwazi was of course enjoying the attention.

Ps. To whoever put that wig on Nolwazi’s head, please stop it! She looked gorgeous with her lighter colour short hairstyle she’s been wearing before

Getty took a dare from Jonathan to find herself a date.  She tried to get Max, the gym instructor, to ask her out, but he didn’t take hint.  But with some encouragement from Simphiwe, he eventually asked Getty out.

Mary helped Getty get ready for her date.  She tried to have Getty ditch the “Gogo” underwear for lace ones. When that didn’t help she helped Getty into a jeans at least two sizes too small.   The best scene of the week. What on earth is Generations the Legacy going to be like without that fun, sparkling personality of Mary?

On the date with Max, Getty was unable to eat due to her too tight jeans.  And much too her embarrasment, Max walked in on her struggling to get out of the jeans after the date.

Namhla found out that Lesedi was hiding food in the bedroom.  Lesedi was afraid that she would get kicked out of the Diale house, so she felt she needed to stock up.  But that wasn’t all! She also pick pocked a wallet or two and her criminal ‘friend’ encouraged her to steal from the shebeen.  Her friend hasn’t met Lucy and Cosmo yet!  Here comes trouble!

Karabo tried to rekindle her relationship with her husband.  She seduced him in the bedroom and went out on dates with him.  All because she was feeling attraction for Zola.  Since Zola was happily moving on with Scarlet.

When Scarlet told Karabo that she was moving in with Zola, Karabo tried her best to discourage her.  Unsuccessfully!

I liked the pace of Generations the Legacy this week.  Not all out drama every single day, but still entertaining.


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