Last week on Isidingo 04/09/2015

Last week on Isidingo Pastor Gabriel gave the Zondiles R10000 for all they have done for the church. Mainly it was just to keep them on his side while he connives with Barker Hayes and Nina Zamdela.

Zukisa was all for accepting the money,  but Sizwe stood firm.  As the man of the house his word was final. While sometimes Sizwe’s stubborness can get on my last nerve, I am 100% with him on this one.  You don’t accept money from the devil because the day will come when he’ll want his pound of flesh!

It still caused conflict between the Zondiles.  Zukisa told Lerato that she’s not happy in her marriage. She had a few meetings with Pastor Gabriel where he touched her arm and made very long eye contact in which Mrs Zondile seemed to bask!

Pastor Gabriel wasn’t only romancing Zuki, he continued his relationship with Nina.

Not that Mme Zamdela is anywhere near as innocent as Zukisa. She wanted Gabriel to help get Barker to invest in her plan to buy up Horizon Deep (I could be wrong about her reasons since I only pay half or no attention to anything Barker Haynes related).

When Barker asked Gabriel to meet with Nina (I’m not sure why) she expected he was open to doing business. But it wasn’t to be. He shot her down in no time.

Mme Zamdela did not take it lying down! She told Barker to watch out – the younger generation is taking over. That he was a washed up old man.  She departed with a man walks into bar joke  – a spineless pastor and an old man walks into a bar.  Way to go, Nina Zamdela!

Later Barker told Pastor Gabriel to end his relationship with the “Shebeen Queen” as there wasn’t place for her type in their relationship.

I hope there is actually going to be some sort of ending to this story since Isidingo hasn’t been good about story resolutions in the recent past.

As for the rest…

The Twitter saga with the Horizon Deep Twits continued. Although Eddie helped Skhu and Lerato discover the hacker’s tweets were sent from the Duncan. The only thing that interests me about this story is the posibility that Lerato and Skhu might find themselves in love again.

Angelique and Nikiwe worked out a deal for the women miners which Lincoln shot down. Angie – with Nikiwe and Sechaba’s help – tried blackmail.  She threatened to bring up the sexual harrasment complaints made by the women miners.  But Lincoln called her bluff, saying he would speak to his lawyers.

What happened next, I must’ve missed…because Rajesh held a celebration of the end of the women miner’s saga with a party for a few of the younger Horizon Deep set in Angie’s honour.

Rajesh has a crush on Angie which she so far hasn’t returned. In fact, she told him that she’s just come out of a relationship and wasn’t ready. After the party, Angie and a few of the party goers – including Skhu, Calvin, Charlie and Samantha, went clubbing. Leaving the middle aged Rajesh home to clean up. He did get a kiss on the cheek at the same time as being put into the friend zone.

Katlego’s health issues continued earlier in the week – she found out that her exhaustion was caused by pregnancy.  She made arrangements to go to a wellness clinic (or something) without Lincoln.  In fact she told him she’s going on holiday. Instead told Barker Haynes! Why? Why? Why? Must that man be in every storyline? I half expect him to get a Twitter account!

Nikiwe also spoke of going away for awhile to completely recover from Frank’s death.

Charlie and Calvin returned from Cape Town, looking happy and in love. Barker decided that he must take Calvin under his wing. Calvin though isn’t buying it.  So Barker told Kat to influence Calvin in return for keeping her pregnancy secret. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Can’t he go go Europe to play with his son, Jody?

Eddie will find out whether he got the station commander job this week.  And he and Yvette were getting romantic.  I try to ignore them as much as possible so can’t say what they were up to.

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