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Last week’s big story on 7de laan was Neville Meinjies’ funeral! Personally, I try to avoid funerals like the plaque in real life or on tv so can’t write about all the details.  What I saw though was an understandably sad occassion.


Oom Oubaas, Bernard and Charmaine all gave eulogies as well as Dominee – the one who officiates all the 7de laan weddings and funerals. (I like that 7de laan has that continuity.)


Xander was still feeling guilty about being involved in the incident which caused his father’s death and had daydreams and nightmares – distortions of what really happened – and didn’t turn up at the funeral.


Leaving Vanessa to turn herself around from the front pew of the church to look at the door.  She also sms’d him numerous times.

Charmaine’s eulogy turned into a fiasco when Neville’s ex-wife Daleen made a surprise appearance, accussing Charmaine of being responsible for Neville’s death through her sister, Vivian.


I have to admit being more than a bit happy to see one of SA’s best actresses (and an ex student of my old High School), Denise Newman again.  Daleen brought a bit of excitement for those of us not into the sadness of the funeral of a man who already had a funeral three years ago.

Seems alot of people liked Bonita’s singing of Ek sien a nuwe hemel.  You can see it here

Bonita sing vir Neville

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Why no one had informed Neville’s ex-wife of more than 20 years that he had died is beyond me.  Those Meintjies men can take a leaf out of Bernard’s book on how to treat their mother. BTW, I know of no boys who grew up on the Cape Flats who would talk to their mother the way Vince and Xander do.


Before returning to Cape Town, Daleen tried to ensure that her sons weren’t left out of the will again, seeing how Charmaine had received his last payout all on her own.


But what Charmaine or anyone else is supposed to do if Neville changed his will after he found out Vince isn’t his biological son, I don’t know. The will is already signed and sealed.

I sense a battle of the last, last will and testament between Xander and Vince or rather Bonita and Vanessa coming up soon.  Maybe Neville left something to his biological son Xander, but not his other son Vince? (just a guess, not a spoiler).

I did find Charmaine’s holier than Daleen act hypocritical seeing how she abandoned her own twin sister for years, has no contact with her biological son (his choice) and only got along with her daughter Vanessa long after she was married and out of the house. And then still tried to drive an even deeper wedge between the mother and grieving sons. A really decent person would try to build the relationship between a mother and her sons regardless of how she feels about the woman.


But even before the funeral Ty got Willem drunk – to put Gita’s plan of getting a drunk Willem to hit a stuntman.  Had Willem actually driven that car in the state he was in, he stood a very good chance of causing an accident all on his own.

In his drunken state he told Ty about him kissing Felicity.  And how he thought the kiss was mutual and that he thinks Felicity feels the same way about him as he does about her. But she won’t admit it. The same old same old.

So Ty called off the planned accident. Pity we couldn’t see the cute stuntman again though.

Him and Gita then sent red roses anonymously to Felicity. Herman jokingly told a worried Louis that Felicity probably has a secret admirer.


And then Ty tried tried to get Willem to talk about the kiss and his crush on tape.

The first attempt was unsuccesful, it only reminded Ty of his own failed relationship with Antoinette.


With a few drinks in him later, Willem was back to talking about his attraction to his father’s wife and this time Ty got the goods on tape.


Which he gave to Gita.

Gita meanwhile was once again fighting with Herman about the Heights.  She told him he is the majority owner and should make the decisions – which is fair enough.


Then she called Willem and played him the tape. Willem grabbed it and stomped on the recorder.  Gita just laughed and said she had another one. But why go to all that trouble? She could just tell Herman and the rest will fall into place.  Felicity will look guilty. Willem will look guilty. Louis will look like he’s trying to not look like he knows something. Maybe Gita has another much, much smarter plan? But what? Gita’s plans are never as smart as she thinks.

I really don’t mind sneaky, bitchy Gita…however she could tone down the over acting and do what she’s doing without silly smirks. Sandra Stutterheim was one of my favourite 7de laan characters and she never had to go over the top the way Gita does to show she’s a villian.

However, Ty and Willem in the same scenes made my week! Just a pity it seems like the ‘bromance’ is over.


While Paula’s dad was unconcious after his accident, she noticed that her mom was nowhere to be found.  When her dad finally woke, he told her that he and her mother were no longer together.  Paula couldn’t believe it and wanted to know why he never told her anything.


Marthinus van de Lecq reminded Paula that he didn’t know that she and Altus had divorced either.  I wonder if he even knows she was married and divorced before.  Somethings tells me he has no idea.

Kim got to know the new physio, Franko better.  She invited him to have drinks with her friends at Stasie Ses, but he declined.  He though invited her to a party his old university friend was giving. And later they went on a date together where he told her there was no other woman.


Although he definitely seems to be hiding something or someone – a wife maybe, or could he be gay?? Would 7de laan go there at last?? OMW! Could you even imagine the 7de laan fans if they ever wrote a real, serious gay story?

Diederik needed a date earlier in the week and couldn’t find anyone so on the last minute he asked Kim.  They had a good time according to Diedie and brought back memories of happier times.


Kim saw them as friends or worse, brother and sister.  Poor Diederik doesn’t know this yet.

My other favourite moment of the week was Willem telling kim she’s irritating.


My sentiments exactly.  Poor Diedie deserves better.


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