Last week on Generations the Legacy 11/09/2015

Last week was a hectic week for poor Cosmo on Generations the Legacy.  He was minding his own (criminal) business when Esther, the drug mule turned baby nanny called him to come fetch baby Mogale.  She had to go to her grandmother’s funeral and didn’t want to take the baby along.  Not only that, she needed money from Cosmo. R3000! He emptied his wallet for her.

Then when he took the baby home he first had to listen to Lucy carrying on and then Gogo Flo.  Gog’Flo thought Cosmo had stolen the baby – she asked if there was nothing else left for him to steal.


Next Namhla and Lesedi made him move furniture around and then changed their minds and wanted him to move it back! (Ohhhh please let us have cheeky Namhla back because this sugary sweet Namhla is starting to make my teeth hurt 😉 )


When Cosmo arrived for breakfast one morning all the pap was up! At least he didn’t see Lesedi trying to steal the bread!

He made the decision to take Thapelo or baby M as he and Lucy refers to the little boy back to a depressed Gadaffi and he told Gadaffi that he was going out of town on a job since he wasn’t getting work from his boss.  As he said…a man has to eat.

But he wasn’t out of town.

He was busy making furniture for Namhla’s room.  But even then he wasn’t left in peace because Lucy needed him to help her with unruly customers in the shebeen.  And she wanted him to organise more criminal activities for them since the shebeen hasn’t making as much money as she would like.


He was worried about the baby, but found Gadaffi and the little baby boy fast asleep. (OMW! that was the cutest scene ever!)


Poor, poor Cosmo. All he wanted was some ‘man time’ away from the bossy women in his life.


While Gadaffi was feeling sorry for himself and babysitting, his wife heard that things weren’t going well at #hastag World. The staff were all sitting around and not doing any work. In fact Simphiwe was home baking muffins.  That happens when you micro manage people – they don’t know what to do unless someone is there to manage them. And Mrs Unprofessional Tshidi Phakade came to whip them into shape.


Poor Max as well! Getty was upset that she hadn’t heard from Max since last Friday’s date and the fiasco of him catching her with her pants down – literally (as Mary told it).  Then silly Simphiwe told her that she had asked Max to ask Getty out.  As if he hadn’t had a choice.  Plus when Getty saw Max talking to another woman she got even angrier.


She refused to even talk to Simphiwe. Simphiwe had to beg Getty to eventually forgive her. And every time she ran into Max at the gym, she either ignored him or was rude to him.

Someone should tell Getty how unattractive it is to feel sorry for yourself!


Max has no idea what’s going on with Getty.


After another date with Smanga’s friend, Nolwazi dumped him because there was no ‘chemistry’.  Mawzi overheard Simphiwe talking about it and went right over to Nolwazi’s place.

Apparently there is ‘chemistry’ between Mawzi and Nolwazi because soon they were in each other’s arms and carrying on a full blown affair.  At home and at work.


Getty nearly caught them when she unexpectedly returned to fetch her keys.


Meanwhile Smanga was keeping Simphiwe busy, helping her with the wedding arrangements.  They went to gym to get her into shape and dancing classes for the first dance at the wedding.  Smanga was a little surprised to find that his brother didn’t mind at all and actually encouraged Smanga to continue helping.

He was back taking photos! But this time Smanga took photos a fully clothed Simphiwe in her wedding dress “for her mother”.




Scarlet invited Karabo to a lingerie launch and then just left her there with the models and went home and to bed with Zola.

Karabo was in the mood to party and was already very drunk when she offered cocaine by one of the male models.  Karabo said she felt like she just needed to escape for one night, so she took up the offer.

Then she called a sleeping Zola to come rescue her which he did.  He rented her a hotel room and told the bodyguard to tell Tau she was too drunk to come home.  Zola was disappointed and left her there.

The next day he told her that she had chosen drugs over him before and he no longer wanted anything to do with her.


When Scarlet later discussed the party with her and spoke of how the models enjoyed her company, Karabo knew she had to come clean with her family before someone else did.

So she told them she had used cocaine.


Tau rightfully told her it wasn’t necessary to tell the whole family. Jonathan dealt with it, but Angela didn’t know what to say or how to react initially.


Tau told Karabo that she had to attend Narcotics Anonymous which she thankfully did.  There she confessed that she’s an addict


And still in love with her first love, Zola.



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