Last week on Isidingo 11/09/2015

Last week on Isidingo  Lerato took Zukisa shopping for something pretty.  Zuki returned home with sexy underwear which she put on for her husband. Sizwe wasn’t in the least impressed and insulted her.  That man! I would think most men would appreciate it if their wives tried to look attractive for them. But not Sizwe it seems he wants Zukisa to remain the same person he married when she was probably a teen or very early twenties.

Sizwe tried to surprise Zuki by announcing that their son would be joining them during the school holidays in October. This time his wife was the one who wasn’t impressed.

Barker (grrrrr) got the idea in his head that Pastor Gabriel should be with Zukiswa instead of Nina, since she has all the right attributes for being pastor’s wife. I doubt that! Seeing she is already the deacon’s wife!

When Gabriel once again broke up with Nina she again passed on information to Sizwe.  She told Sizwe that his wife and pastor had attended a meeting with Barker together.  Zuki had given Sizwe another story.

With all the suspicion in the air Sizwe agreed to the marriage counselling offered by the church. Zuki wasn’t as interested.  She already had her sights on Pastor Gabriel.  But Gabriel convinced her attend a session. At the counselling session advice was going in Zuki’s favour until Sizwe mentioned that he knew about the two lying about where they were the previous evening.

Then Gabriel changed his tune as well. He told a very unhappy Zukisa that her husband is the head of the house and she had to do as he says!

But then Gabriel got an invitation for something church related out of town and asked Zuki to go with him.  She agreed, but wasn’t sure the head of the house would agree.

Pastor Gabriel somehow got Sizwe to agree.

Last we saw of them Zuki was in the room of her B&B with her new undies and the pastor at her door. And Nina was at the Zondile home asking Sizwe where his wife is and wondering if he knows what’s she could be doing.

As for the rest…

Angelique decided to investigate Frank’s death on Calvin’s behalf without discussing it with Calvin. Calvin told her he wasn’t interested since he is just getting over his father’s death. Lincoln confronted Calvin and Angelique. And I wish I could care either way!

Barker (grrrrr) managed to convince Angie to stay in town to help him run a foundation to give away most of his money. Starting by investing in Calvin.

Eddie and Yvette were doing what they do.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue writing Isidingo recaps from next week. Just a heads up.

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