Last week on 7de laan 18/09/2015

Last week I thought we would never see the end of Xander’s moping around – we had an entire episode of Xander preparing to hand himself over to police.  For a while it looked like he was contemplating suicide. I think we were supposed to believe that, because the police turned up at the Meintjies residents the day after Xander disappeared. Xander was standing off to the side and came into view after a few moments.


Fortunately we didn’t have to put up with the dreariness too long because then against Charmaine’s wishes, he and Vanessa went to visit Vivian at the mental institution. I would pick this as my favourite scene of the week. I’ve never been a Charmaine fan, but am definitely a Vivian fan.  My sister and I actually agree that Vivian is the best thing that happened to 7de laan in a very long time.

I especially enjoyed it when Vivian told Vanessa that she takes after her.


Truer words have never been spoken!  I don’t know if Vanessa has her aunt Vivian’s spunk, but she definitely has her coarseness.


Vivian at first said it was Xander who shot Neville…


But she heard that Neville died, she took the credit.

Firstly, Vivian probably would’ve shot Neville anyway if Xander hadn’t turned up, so she is 100% responsible.  Secondly, Xander did have a hand in accidently shooting his father. He knew all this already. Had he made other choices, things could’ve been different.  So it’s a bit confusing why Xander changed his tune and accepted that Vivian killed Neville.  Either way…I’m just just glad he snapped out of his gloom within minutes of leaving Vivian.  Between him and Vanessa I was far past ready to reach for the mute button.

To be honest, the Meintjies were getting on my last nerve until it was time for the reading of the will.  I normally work while watching 7de laan and wasn’t paying too much attention until that moment the lawyer (a good friend of Neville, or so we’re told) mentioned that an educational trust was set up for the grandchildren. And then someone mentioned Christopher, Vince’s son!


The writers remembered!!!!  Bonita was stunned! No one had told her Vince had a son.


Bonita was of course not happy.

Vince, Errol, Xander and Charmaine were all taken care of, but  Xander got no shares in the Hillside Times seeing he already has Ntabi’s shares.  Neville was very up to date with his will, I see.  Seeing how the ink is barely dry on Ntabi’s resignation letter.

Gita was looking to sell the Heights to a developer who wants to turn it into a hotel and spa. Yeah right! We know that ain’t happening.  She demanded that Willem agreed to sign the papers to sell. Willem tried to charm his way out of the situation.  But to no avail.

So he decided to leave the Heights. Hell no!!! But fortunately Louis found the letter he left for Herman.


My guess is…Willem won’t be signing those papers.

My other favourite scene of the week was when Willem saw Ty and attacked him.  And told him he’s nothing but Gita’s lapdog.


A sore point for Ty.  I loved Ty in that scene! Wilhelm van der Walt is such a good, under rated actor. Especially when he’s away from the over acting Gita.

The other big story in 7de laan last week was of course Paula and Altus’ wedding. It was interesting seeing the vows, especially since we’ve seen and heard it all before.  And we know Altus cheated and we know things were said by both and nothing was dealt with that we saw.


I thought it was one of (if not the best) done wedding in 7de laan.  Usually it’s about the drama surrounding the cake and dress and about 5 minutes of wedding.  This time we had vows and a reception that lasted more than 5 seconds.


In case you’re wondering…I read in TV Plus that the dress was made by the 7de laan costume designers and would cost around R50 000 if you or I wanted to recreate it as is.

The only potential drama came from Yannis being at the wedding.  How he knew it was taking place, only he knows.  Maybe he saw Xander’s Facebook status or something 😉


I’m impressed with how grown up both Paula and Altus look these days.  It works for them.  Not so much for Xander and Vanessa – Vanessa is starting to grate on my last nerve again.  And I was tolerating her so well when she was in the background.

Franco was showering Kim with gifts and being as evasive as ever.  He again missed a date and gave the lamest excuse in the world.  He had to see his mother in hospital.


We still don’t know what his story is. Except that he’s from Springs.  Or so he says.  And Diedie said he and Kim are just friends. I hope he means it!

Looks like Bernard is a fortune teller on the side…he said the rugby match would be tight between Japan and SA and not to underestimate the underdog.  So Bernard is not just a pretty face and body then 😉





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