7de laan spoilers and speculation for October 2015

Franco’s stay in Hillside comes to an abrupt in early October 2015, according to spoilers.

As for the rest, here’s the 7de laan spoilers for October 2015.  I’ll update them as more spoilers become available throughout the month.

  • Sifiso let’s Diederik know that Kim is two timing him
  • 5 October is the when we see the last of Franco when his pregnant wife turns up in Hillside
  • Louis kicks Franco out
  • Diederik wants nothing more to do with Kim (oh please, this is all Diederik’s own fault. He knows Kim.)
  • Charmaine is worried about Matrone’s health
  • Hilda feels sorry for Matrone (I just wish these two would stay away from each other.)
  • Matrone’s health issues are out in the open and Vanessa decides to take care of her
  • Hilda receives a strange call from Peru
  • Hilda disappears (I hope for a long time) and Oubaas plays detective
  • Vince feels bad when he finds out what Hilda had been doing
  • Vince tells Bonita exactly what he thinks
  • Vince is ready to start a family (OMW! these two just had marriage issues.)
  • Anna is shocked when she finds out Vince’s dark secret (But why?? She doesn’t even know about Vince’s ordinary secrets. In fact she doesn’t know him well at all.)
  • Gita wants to teach Willem a lesson when he tries to con her (grrrr Sorry Willem, but Gita I mute.)
  • Herman won’t allow Gita to win this time
  • Felicity wins this round
  • Herman isn’t willing to forgive Willem
  • Louis gives the Hillsiders good news
  • Bonita and Charmaine supports Felicity (Herman is supposed to leave on 23 October)
  • Dewald is playing with fire
  • Anna thinks something isn’t right with Dewald (yep, even on normal day)
  • Dewald fears for his life
  • Maria stand up for the Heights tenants
  • Sonja is faced with a tough choice
  • Wian’s life is in danger – he injests some of Dewald’s drugs
  • Thinus visits Marko (best spoiler of the month!)
  • Paula isn’t happy with her new boss (Anna)
  • Paula looks for a soul mate for Aggie
  • A new Oppiekoffie waitress starts

Spoilers are from TV Plus and tvsa.co.za

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