Spoilers and Speculation for Generations the Legacy October 2015

Looks like Karabo is going to cross the marriage line in October 2015! I guess that should get her off her judgemental high horse for awhile 😉

Here’s spoilers for Generations the Legacy for October 2015.

  • Siya is suspicious about his father’s good mood
  • Karabo receives a gift from her lover
  • Tau nearly catches his wife and her lover
  • Karabo asks for a divorce
  • Tau isn’t going to take things lying down
  • Siya finds out about his father’s affair
  • Tau arrives at a get together between his wife and Zola
  • Karabo tells Zola she’s done with him (welcome – again – to Karabo’s world)
  • Zola receives a package that upsets him
  • Tau discovers who Dr Kruger works for (maybe he’ll put two and two together and finds out it equals his ‘brother’ Gadaffi)
  • Tau pretends to believe a story he’s told (by Gadaffi?)
  • Karabo is horrified when she thinks her baby was murdered
  • Karabo wants details about the revenge plan
  • Angela is disgusted when Tshidi tells her she’s going back to Gadaffi
  • Tshidi also tells Angela that she’s returning to #hastag World
  • Gadaffi has given Tshidi a share of the company (good thing for Nolwazi she left)
  • Gadaffi tells Tshidi it’s time to have a baby. He suggests they adopt. (Baby Mogale)
  • Tshidi thinks it’s too soon to have a baby.
  • Tshidi finds a soft toy in Gadaffi’s study
  • Gadaffi brings baby Mogale home and says his mother is a drug addict
  • Cosmo thinks he’s going on a date
  • Lucy warns Esther
  • Esther says she wants to have a real relationship
  • Mary is looking for a sugar daddy and makes some progressddy
  • She decides to end the relationship with her sugar da
  • Smanga makes his move, unsuccesfully
  • Smanga plants doubts in Simphiwe’s mind
  • Mawzi thinks he’s overcome his marital problems – he’s wrong!
  • Smanga finally gets what he wanted
  • Nolwazi notices Simphiwe’s glow and doesn’t like it all
  • Simphiwe breaks down
  • Mawzi goes to KZN for answers
  • Smanga gets to live out his fantasy
  • Karishma turns up again (hopefully with Gadaffi’s baby in tow)


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