Last on Generations the Legacy 25/09/2015

Last week Mawzi spent less time chasing Nolwazi around the office and bedroom and more time trying to get his brother out of Ezweni with Tau’s help.  And another article about Smanga’s sexual harrassment charges made it into the public space to make matters worse.

Smanga was unaware of the ‘siege from all sides’ that Tau suggested. Instead Smanga was shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses with Simphiwe.

Until he was told that it would be best for him and for Ezweni if he went to work at the London office! Smanga of course wasn’t happy.  (I would’ve gone – just saying!) Tau gave him a whole list of rules to follow when there are females at at work.

Simphiwe was getting worried that Smanga was getting too close, so Smanga told her that he has a girlfriend. He pursuaded Sarah that he wanted a relationship with her and dragged her to a celebratory meal with Simphiwe and her bridesmaids.

Gadaffi’s plan to get Tshidi back into his life worked – like a bomb. Karabo, Tau and Angela were not happy. But Tshidi’s mother encouraged her to go back to her woman abuser of a husband.  She told him to make her move while he’s weak. He told Cosmo that he would stop taking his medication and got Tshidi to be there to hand him his medication at meal times.  Until Tshidi found the pills hidden under the mattress.

Jonathan was still on about doing lingerie for plus sized models.  The funny thing about it is that besides Getty herself, no one else had called her fat. I just hate these stupid PSA/politically correct storylines. Getty is fit and healthy and GORGEOUS as she is and that’s all that matters.  A week ago Lesedi was stealing food; last week she wouldn’t eat cake that Getty brought because all of a sudden Lesedi thinks she should look like the women in a magazine!

Karabo was her usual miserable self which made Tau think she was on drugs again.  For his concern he got a huge slap across the face from her royal highness. Zola tried to avoid her because everytime he came near Karabo she got all clingy and touchy feely.  That woman got on my last nerve!  She wants to cheat on her husband and isnt’ even conflicted about it. If Zola said yes, he’d be in.

Zola even tried to get Scarlet to go away with him for a week’s holiday, but the silly woman said no!  What?? Scarlet though noticed how Zola was avoiding Karabo and asked if he still had feelings for his first love. When he couldn’t deny it, she broke up with him.  Scarlet is very annoying, might I add. Very. So Zola might want to look around for someone a bit less rigid and perfect.

Angela and Siya were in a car accident – although both were eventually fine.

Esther manipulated herself and baby Ithumeleng into the Diale home when she saw how good Cosmo was with the little boy. Were they really letting Esther take care of two little babies?  She doesnt’ even look like she can take care of herself. Lucy of course wasn’nt happy.

My favourite scene of the week was seeing Cosmo all dressed up – expensive deodorant and all – to take a rocking chair he made to Esther’s room.



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