Last week on 7de laan 25/09/2015

Sorry fellow 7de laan viewers, but last week was not a favourite week for watching 7de laan for me. My least favourite in a few months. So sorry if my bitching and moaning sounds familiar (like Bonita 😉 ) The rugby World Cup was actually a relief from the boring storylines.

I do understand that things slow down after weeks of drama – there has to be a levelling out of stories.  But last week was just blah.

Starting with the Meintjies family.  We’ve already see them mourn for Neville before. Wouldn’t it have made more sense if Charmaine and co didn’t know how to react seeing how they’ve mourned Neville before? Actually I would’ve preferred that they took his ashes to Cape Town and mourned off screen for a week or two.

The most dramatic scene all week was when Charmaine dished chicken pie onto a plate intended for Neville and then when she realised what she had done she got up and threw the food into the bin! I think the entire 7de laan viewing population gave a collective gasp! Who throws good, clean food away in this day and age? It’s not as if Neville ate supper at home every single night anyway. He was always working late, presumed dead or away at a conference.

Then to still have Bonita bitching and moaning about Vince’s son Christopher? She was upset that everyone else knew except her.  She felt like she’s an outsider in the Meintjies family.  Of course Vince should have told her about the boy.  But when Bonita started her argument with, yes she lied about her name – Patricia Elizabeth – and yes she knows that she lied that she was in prison – then she had no room to judge. I wish 7de laan would just write towards actors strengths and not make them act beyond their abilities.

But that isn’t the worst or the worst! That I will leave to Kim being in just about every scene that wasn’t Meintjies related!  OMW! Who got the idea in their head that it would be a good idea to put Kim front and centre? She is NOT a leading actress or character!  Especially when the rest of the stories had the Meintjies’ arguing and Gita over emoting?

Where is the romance 7de laan? Between single adults? (And no, not Marko and Anna! That’s not romance.)

Kim was dating both Franco and Diederik at the same time. And when Diederik gave Kim a kiss that looked anything but passionate, she cancelled a date with Franco.  Whatever! I just want Kim off my screen.

Willem got the contract for the sale of the Heights from Gita and hid it amongst Herman’s letters on the dining room table.  After a whole mix up and unbelievable sequence of events, the contract landed up in Gita’s hands again.  She seemingly got Willem to sign.  Felicity heard/saw Willem and Gita in a heated discussion and afterwards wanted to know from Willem what was going on.  He eventually told her.  How unrealistic that Willem would think Herman would not be okay with him kissing his wife, but would be okay if he sold his multi million (I take it) Rand building.

Felicity confronted Gita and told her she wouldn’t get away with what she’d done.  And then inexplicably Gita told Ty that she did the deal all on her own and without his help and that he was just like his father. Why on earth would she antagonise him out of the blue? Who writes this stuff??? This story started so well and is now just preposterous…annoying. Although I still enjoy seeing both Willem and Ty on my screen. I hope they team up against that witch, Gita!

Hilda and Matrone had another baking contest that Netta won. Whatever.

I muted and missed a lot, so sorry if I left out anything.


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