Last week on 7de laan 02/10/2015

If the previous week on 7de laan felt like the bad old days, then last week returned to the newer version – which I prefer.  I loved almost everything about last week’s 7de laan.

There was a moment when Sonja locked open Oppiekoffie, opened the doors, started getting ready for the day.  Then Petro came and started her chores, followed by Charmaine.  Then they got to the letter Sonja found slipped under Oppiekoffie’s door – telling them they had 3 months to move! The Heights were sold.

Both Gita and Willem had emergencies outside Hillside and left town – Gita to Singapore because Ava was in hospital and Willem to Cape Town to take care of mother who broke her arm.  So they avoided the initial anger of the residents.  Willem was such a coward! Instead of telling his dad what he had done, he ran away! I was so disappointed in him last week. And you know my Willem love is stronger than most.

I did get a scheming Ty to make up for it though.  Ty was once again planning to steal his aunty Gita’s money.  He planned a front company and then asked that the payment for the Heights be made into the account of the ‘company’.  So far none of Ty’s schemes have benefited him, so we’ll have to wait and see if this one does.  I highly doubt it.  Although seeing him try is a lot of fun.

He handled the residents questions and anger with more than a little amusement.

Willem did return from Cape Town before week’s end and for once I was okay with Kim putting her annoying mouth into every conversation.  Because Herman found out what his stepson had done.  He was furious! But we’ve seen him like that for much lesser things.  I expected a bit more out of Herman.  But what does one do when you are foolish enough to keep a multi million rand building in your wayward son’s name, without at least ensuring there are iron-clad stipulations in the contract?  It’s not like we’re talking about a HD tv or a car or something.

Kim meanwhile was torn between Diederik and Franco.  But after another gift and kisses that looked a lot more passionate than Diedie’s (I might add), she chose Franco.  To be fair to her (and you know I don’t want to), Kim told Diederik she was still deciding whether they should get back together.  He should stop being such a wimp and grow a pair!

But even worse was Sifiso! Carrying on like someone who never cheated in his life! How many times didn’t he two-time Pulane.  But all of a sudden he was on Kim’s case.  People in glass houses and all that…

However…when Diederik caught Kim and Franco kissing in the new T&T…and Kim announced that she had chosen Franco and that she’s not in love with Diederik anymore…And Franco’s wife walked in…that was karma for Kim! Delightful karma!

The other enjoyable scene of the week was when Vince told Bonita to decide to either move forward with him or to get a divorce. How much more can anyone take of these two constant fighting.

Bonita had been nagging to all who wanted to listen that Vince didn’t want to have children with her because he’s embarrassed of her and her past.  For one who has been on the streets and in prison, Bonita is very self-centred.

Next thing you know Bonita is meeting with a briefcase carrying man in a suit.  One of Xander’s lawyer acquaintances, Vanessa said.

Fortunately 7de laan saved us all from months of Meintjies whinning and the two reconciled.  I’m just glad the Meintjies are all relatively happy because there’s just so much I can take of them.

Unless of course Vivian makes another appearance or one of the Booysens clan (Vanessa’s ex-con dad’s family) visits Hillside 😉 I did like that Vanessa spoke of her father having been in prison in the past.

For the first time EVER I felt sorry for Hilda last week.  After being her annoying self, Hilda taunted Matrone into telling her she has breast cancer.  Despite it immediately clicking that it’s Breast Cancer month and we’re about to get a PSA for a whole month – and knowing how badly soapies do these types of stories – I still got a bit misty eyed.

The shock on Hilda’s face and then when she went to visit Matrone at the bookshop to tell her she’s sorry about the illness, made me see Hilda in a different light.

And poor Matrone! Every time she came on screen the tears were near.

So all in all I enjoyed last week’s 7de laan.  Now for the Heights action this week!






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