Last week on Generations the Legacy 02/10/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Karabo slept with her “first love”, Zola.  At first he gave her the cold shoulder, then they bickered unprofessionally in front of a client and then they got into a lift at Ezweni and next thing we saw was the two of them in bed.

Afterwards Karabo went home.  Tau noticed that his wife smelt different – like someone else’s shower products.  She said she was at a spa. And later she rebuffed her husband’s attentions in bed.  At least she did that!

Siya also noticed that something was up with his dad.  But Zola wouldn’t tell him what was going on.

So far Zola has been declaring his love to Karabo and been bearing gifts from the past, but Karabo hasn’t been saying anything yet.

And poor Tau was pretty much left licking his wife’s moody boots at every turn.

Tau was still siding with that annonying Mawzi in the battle for Ezweni. OMW! If there was ever a character I would love to slap on SA TV that person would be Mawzi. He is so smug and irritating.

When he told Smanga to keep the office door open when Smanga and Nolwazi were meeting I really wanted to physically harm that little snake! And I’m a very passive human being.

I am very definitely on team Smanga and his plan to steal Mawzi’s wife.

Smanga brought in a new account from his new girlfriend, Sarah’s, company.  But Mawzi managed to conspire with Tau to take the account away from him.  Sarah did say she has Chinese connections to help Smanga get more clients. Which seemed to satisfy him.

Smanga also let it ‘slip’ to Mawzi that Simphiwe encouraged him to not take the job in London.

Tshidi decided to use tough love on her estranged husband who had not been taking his medication.  The battle of the Phakades reached a new low when Tshidi left Gadaffi alone at home with no way of using the bathroom.  So he soiled himself and their bed.

Gadaffi told her that he would give her anything to come back home – even 100% control of #hastag World.

She tried getting him a helper, but he wouldn’t let his helper assist him and eventually beat the poor man.

On the one hand we had angel Angela encouraging her aunty Tshidi to leave Gadaffi alone and take care of their new business and on the other hand we had that devilish mother of hers telling Tshidi to go home to her abuser husband.

Tshidi and Gadaffi deserve each other.

Of course, as usual, my favourite scenes were all Cosmo related. Cosmo was so into Esther that he had no idea that she has no interest in him.  Other than as a sugar daddy to her and a daddy to baby Ithumeleng.  He sort of planned a date with her, but without actually telling her that the two of them were to go out.  He even got a reminder from Gog’Flo on how to treat a lady on a date. And he arranged for his gran to babysit.

On the night of the date Esther went off with another guy, leaving Cosmo all dressed up in a smart suit with nowhere to go.

Shame, poor Cosmo can’t see how Esther is using him for protection, babysitting and gifts.

Jonathan eventually was able to convince Getty to take lingerie photos for the new Scarlet campaign.  (I’m afraid to say Ms Scarlet was still there.) And then he photoshopped Getty’s pics to make her look bigger!!! Which totally defeated the purpose of the so-called campaign.

And Mary set her sights on a billionaire philantrapist played by none other than Egoli’s Tim Vorster, David Vlok.  Yoh, seeing how he’s aged make me feel old! I absolutely adore Mary – I just had to put it out there seeing she won’t be on our screen for much longer.

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