Last week on Generations the Legacy 09/10/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Karabo asked Tau for a divorce! And like many people who want to get out of their marriage, Karabo blamed her husband.  She said she felt like she was mothering him – even though his mother lives right there, in the same house. I’m not sure Karabo even knows what it’s like to mother anyone, because we certainly haven’t seen her ‘mothering’ Tau.

She had him on a leash like a puppy more than anything else.

But all that changed the moment Karabo told Tau about her and Zola’s affair.  The gangster in Tau was unleashed.  And the brilliant actor that Rapulana Seiphemo is!


He told Karabo that he had no intention of making the divorce easy and that she should tell the children.

Then he went to Zola and told him to find his own woman.  And if he didn’t Tau promised to destroy Karabo and him.


Karabo for her part wasn’t as sure of the divorce as Zola.  She admitted to her sponsor that she loved them both, but that Zola is her “first love”. As if that should count more than the man who you built a life and family with.

With Zola pressuring her on the one side to leave her husband and Tau on the other side reminding her of the life they built, Karabo had a decision to make.

She decided to ditch her bodyguard and went to be with her ‘first love’.


But when Tau found out she was missing her knew exactly where to find her and then all hell broke loose.  He arrived there with gun in hand.  First he hit Karabo with the gun and then pointed it at Zola’s head.


I abhor violence in any form, especially against women and children, however I reluctantly admit to enjoying that scene a whole lot more than I should’ve.

I personally don’t know what Karabo sees in Zola.  I get claustrophobic just watching him on my tv screen.  He is uninteresting and boring and a nag – maybe he’s better in bed than he looks –  but the deal breaker is the way he talks about his marriage to the deceased mother of his children.  Like it was nothing compared to a teen romance he once had. He hasn’t even given one thought about how his relationship with Karabo willl affect Siya.  Seeing how Siya is dating Karabo’s stepdaughter, Angela.  Plus he’s already left Karabo once when she needed him most.  He’s the kind of person who wants everything and everyone to be as perfect and boring as he is.

Tau treats Karabo with far more respect than she deserves.  All he wants is to make her happy.  But that woman is never happy or satisfied for long. At least she no longer has the moral high ground she keeps shoving in Tau’s face.

But that wasn’t even the only drama happening in the Moroka/Mogale home.  Smanga saw a small gap after he kissed Simphiwe and wasn’t about to let it close.  So he stepped up his game.  He told Simphiwe that he loved her and wanted to be with her.  Simphiwe told him no, repeatedly. But then dreamt she was kissing Smanga and was caught by Mawzi.


When the whole family picked on Smanga trying to get him to go work in London,Simphiwe was the only one to stand up for him.  Which infuriated her husband.

She tried to get Smanga to focus on Sarah, without success.


In fact Smanga broke up with Sarah.


For his part Mawzi was still seeing Nolwazi on the side. And even made out with her in the family home with his wife and family in the next room!

Mary was still on her mission to snag herself a sugar daddy and made huge progress last week.  She arranged to have dinner with Riaan and told him to bring a gift, took him to play pool at Lucy’s shebeen and then she pitched up at his home in her lingerie.


So far so good for Mary.  Riaan even postponed his trip home to spend time with Mary.


I can’t imagine though that it could feel good to snag her man in that manner.

Speaking of snagging a man…

Esther seems to be doing alright for herself doing the same with Cosmo.


At first Cosmo was upset that Esther spent the whole weekend away, leaving her baby with the Diale’s and without telling anyone where she was or when she would return.  Much to Lucy’s delight Cosmo told Esther she was on her own.

But then Bra Pops came around looking for his money from Esther and stabbed Cosmo when he wanted to protect her.

Cosmo later went all gangster on Bra Pops and returned the favour.  Cosmo told Esther she had nothing to worry about.

Other than a place to stay and a babysitter! Esther though turned on the charm.


Very well, I might add, because before long Cosmo was in lurveee! And would listen to nothing Lucy or Gogo Flo had to say. At least Cosmo is getting some loving for awhile, although that Esther is a player of note.

Now that Gadaffi has Tshidi back home, he started talking about adopting a baby with the plan to bring the Mogale baby back home.

The first part of the plan was to reinstall Tshidi at #hastag World to keep her happy.  Then he arranged for a strung out drug addict to act like she’s the baby’s mom.  He then brought baby and his ‘mama’ to the Phakade home.


While the plan hasn’t worked yet, Gadaffi seems quite happy that the baby will be home soon.

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