Last week on 7de laan 16/10/2015

Last week on 7de laan Herman tried to find a loophole in the contract for the sale of The Heights, to no avail. He led a protest against the new owner when he actually should take responsibility for his own part in the situation (not putting the building in his name or in a trust!).  It’s not as if Mr Masangu has done anything wrong as far as we and Herman know.IMG_20151019_091727

Willem suggested he do a background check on the buyer and at first Herman rejected the idea.  (I noticed in the scenes with Felicity, Herman and Willem, Felicity had far more chemistry with her stepson than with her husband. Not that I want a round 2 of Felicity and Willem. Not at all.)

Herman did eventually do research through a PI friend who came up with nothing!  The only thing left is the fact that the man hasn’t paid his deposit yet.  Poor Ty is still waiting for his money!

Felicity meanwhile was still certain that she had destroyed all evidence of the kiss and warned Willem to not talk about it again.


Anna put two and two together when she saw Dewald hand over pills to a customer and then saw his sobriety bracelet.  It seems that Dewald actually had a badly thought out plan to do who knows what with the drugs and the druglords.  And now Anna is also involved in the stupid plan that doesn’t involve the police.


Marko found money missing from the till and accussed Dewald of stealing. But then Anna gave Dewald the money and put it back under the counter at Stasie Ses so that Marko could ‘accidentally’ find it. I wish I cared!  Bernard saw a suspicious looking Dewald (when does he ever not look suspicious) hanging outside Oppiekoffie and then saw him drop a sachet with cocaine. Now poor Bernard is also involved in this mess.


By the way…has anyone told Bernard that his baby sister, Ava, is ill in hospital? It would also be nice to see Bernard’s older sister, 7de laan!

Speaking of Anna…she has a battle on her hands with Paula at the Hillside Times.  Out of nowhere Paula has decided to go all childish and petty again.  Drinking coffee all day in Oppiekoffie and shopping, not doing her work and trying to sweet talk herself out of trouble.  Anna told her that she is the editor of the Times because she is more educated and experienced.  I don’t want to be Team Anna, but she was right on this one.  None of the others have formal journalistic training and I think only Bernard has more than a matric  (he has a degree in business if I remember correctly).


Paula is really trying hard to get her je ne sais quoi back… Now that she’s Mrs De Bruyn again I just wish she would rather use all that effort to act her age!


Jackson’s father asked Pulane to withdraw the case against his son.  He pleaded with Pulane to give him and his wife the chance to spend time with his dying son.


And then he brought medical papers to prove his son’s illness.  Sifiso intercepted the documents because he didn’t want the man to influence Pulane’s decision.  Xander told her to let the courts decide.  Which is as it should be.

However, in Pulane’s shoes I probably would’ve felt bad for the father, but would’ve done more research.  And my other motivation for wanting the story to be true is then we’ll never ever have to see Jackson again and the story would finally be over.

Hilda couldn’t get hold of Matrone in Peru. She was told that Matrone had left the tour group and disappeared.  She was so worried that she asked Gita to arrange a trip to Peru.  Instead of telling Oom Oubaas and Maria she was off to Peru, she told them she was going to visit her aunt Delores in Limpopo.

Which led to Oubaas and Maria acting like two mentally deranged individuals.


Mercifully these two went looking for Hilda offscreen and Matrone returned unscathed to 7de laan.  How 7de laan can think this is funny (I think it’s suppposed to be) I have no idea. And then to insert the perpetually frowning Vanessa (I think it’s her new mature look) into the storyline…


It’s like one step forward and two steps back every time they do these types of stories.

So all in all a quiet, uneventful week on 7de laan.


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