Last week on Generations the Legacy 16/10/2015

Last week the fallout from Karabo and Zola’s affair was almost immediate on Generations the Legacy.  After Tau left his wife and her lover, Karabo told Zola she had to go after her husband.  Zola incessantly called Karabo even though she told him to stop.


She warned him that Tau is dangerous.

If Zola was played by a better actor I’m sure I would feel a lot more of the love him and Karabo supposedly share.  He just comes across as idiotic, rather than the hero he’s supposed to be.

Tau meanwhile had no intention of letting Karabo off the hook.  He was angry and took his revenge by going back to his roots.  He and his ‘brother’ Gadaffi went to Lucy’s shebeen.  He arrived home drunk and reaking of women’s perfume.


At a family dinner, he made a veiled threat which Siya heard.  Telling everyone that he would kill to keep his family together.

When Siya and Karabo had a moment alone, Siya angrily asked Karabo if she wanted to be responsible for his father’s death.


He told her he had no respect for her and wondered how she could’ve been friends with his mother.  (I wonder how Connie Ferguson just gets more and more beautiful each year?)


And then he said the words I have been thinking too…he doesn’t care about their love story.


While I’m definitely Team Tau, I do think he should stop the threats and let Karabo go and live in utter boredom with her ‘first love’, Zola, his vacant stares and his terrible accent. No one owns anyone else in this country…let her go, Tau.

I wish this stupid storyline is over, but I fear that it’s not.

Meanwhile Karabo heard the doctor who cut off her toe in the foyer of Gadaffi and Tshidi’s complex.  She and Tau put two and two together and concluded that he was working for Gadaffi.  And that the kidnapping had to be part of his revenge plot.


Tau went to visit Gadaffi at his office and managed to put a virus on his computer so a hacker could get access to the laptop and trace Gadaffi and Cosmo’s tracks.


Mary found herself falling for her sugar daddy.  Despite expensive gifts (including a car) and an offer to spend time in Cape Town on a yacht, Mary broke things off with Riaan.


She straight out told him she wanted to go back to Greece with him, but he told he she would be bored.

Simphiwe was getting sick and tired of the lack of attention from Mawzi.


She tried to make things more exciting between the two of them,  but Mawzi was having none of it.  He actually blamed her for changing since they arrived in the city.

Meanwhile he was still sleeping with his lover, Nolwazi.


Simphiwe tried to initiate things in the bedroom, dressed up in only a trench coat and wanted Mawzi to call her Candy and went to his office to spice things up.

After all her hard work, poor Simphiwe has nothing to show. Mawzi is such a horrible human being!  I just wish Smanga was more sincere with Simphiwe.  With all the smirks he gives behind her back, it doesn’t look like Smanga is as into Simphiwe as she is being led to believe.


Gadaffi finally convinced Tshidi for them to foster the ‘drug addict’s’ baby, otherwise known as Thapelo Mogale!  They renamed the baby Amogelang and were soon joined by Tshidi’s mother.


Baby Amogelong soon made himself at home in the Phakade residence and got a check up from  Gadaffi’s henchman/doctor to ease Tshidi’s concern for the child. And now they are playing happy family with Tshidi’s own nephew and she doesn’t know it.


Cosmo got some loving from Esther.  It’s still difficult to know if Esther is playing Cosmo for board, lodging and babysitting of whether she truly is falling for him.


Either way, Lucy isn’t happy having Esther around and encouraged her to take a job as a drug mule again, against Cosmo’s wishes.


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