Generations the Legacy Spoilers and Speculation Chat for November 2015

October saw the return of Karishma to take revenge on her ex-lover, Gadaffi. And it looks like Gadaffi discovers her motives. Dammit! It would’ve been so much better if she had returned with Kumkani’s baby. But never mind, here is the rest of the spoilers for Generations the Legacy for November 2015 as well as a bit of speculation.

  • Mawzi is confused when Simphiwe disappears
  • Nolwazi can’t understand it with Mawzi rejects her advances
  • Simphiwe feels ashamed after her tryst with Smanga
  • After Simphiwe rejects him, Mawzi heads back to Nolwazi’s waiting arms
  • Simphiwe reaches out to Mawzi, but is rejected.
  • Simphiwe makes a choice about who she wants to be with
  • Nolwazi acts supportive of Simphiwe
  • Simphiwe walks in on her husband embracing another woman
  • Mawzi decides to end his affair
  • The Morokas finds out that one of their family members has disrespected and rejected them (Smanga, is that you? Who would blame him if it were true?)
  • Simphiwe decides to end her misery
  • Siya is frustrated that his dad refuses to move on (please someone shake some life into Zola)
  • Siya tells his brother Vuyo about their father’s betrayal
  • Amogelang becomes an official member of the Phakade family (I can’t stand this!)
  • Cosmo sees Karishma with another man – who turns out to be a policeman who wants to entrap Gadaffi into admitting that he poisoned Mary in order to kill baby Mogale
  • Gadaffi finds out he’s been betrayed
  • Tshidi wants her husband to pay for his evil ways
  • Tshidi says a final goodbye to the man she loved on 13 November (I hope this man is Gadaffi! But I hope returns after 6 months or so)
  • Karabo and Tau rekindle their passion (So Karabo no longer feels like Tau’s mother then, I guess)
  • Karabo reaches out to the only man who undestands her (OMW! NOT EFFING Zola AGAIN!)
  • Lucy scams her own family
  • Gogo Flo is upset when she sees her bank statement
  • Angela accidently exposes herself to a stranger

Spoilers are from TVSA and TV Plus.

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