Last week on 7de laan 30/10/2015

I’m really sorry for the lateness of the this post. I’m currently busy and probably won’t be updating for a while after this one.

And apologies for the lack of screenshots as well.

Last week on 7de laan was hectic! Although I have to admit, I find 7de laan very inconsistent these days.  Annoyingly boring some days and some of the long nothing scenes makes things even worse.

After stalling and stalling, eventually 7de laan addressed the car accident of the week before.  The one where Herman and Louis died.  It really was unnecessary for poor Louis to be written out in this way.  Although the actor probably wanted it that way.  7de laan viewers are still asking for Wilmien and George to come back, years and years later.  So maybe it’s better for the actors careers that they get killed off so that viewers can move on.

The policeman arrived at the book shop where Willem was working and told him about his brother and father’s deaths.  Fortunately Aggie was there and spread the news to the Hillside Times team.  Xander – editor or not – requested a front page story. What’s wrong with these people?

Needless to say, Willem was shocked and upset.  The actor did a good job – although at the beginning I wished we didn’t have to see close ups when he didn’t have the emotions quite right.  But Markus did improve.

It was good to see his mom played by Joannie Combrink, arrive to support him.

We found out that Felicity is in hospital.  Charmaine and Bonita went to her bedside when they heard.

Matrone felt the effects of chemo and got a bit fed up with all the attention Hilda heaped onto her. I definitely understand where she’s coming from, seeing how Matrone isn’t used to having people around her all the time at home.  Sometimes you just need peace and quiet to recuperate, people of 7de laan.  I would not make it in Hillside! Those people are in your face and in your business day and night.  They listen to your private conversations, dammit! And then repeat it to everyone else.

When her hair started falling out, Matrone shaved her hair off.  A great 7de laan moment that was.

Paula and Anna talked out there problems and found that they have a lot in common.  Like being bossy!(And dating Marko.!)  Thank goodness they are sorted out because a childish Paula and a overly bossy Anna is not my cup of tea.  Paula actually mentioned her stillborn baby! Praise the soapie gods!  It would be interesting if her other ex-husband made an appearance in the Laan again.  I saw him on Roer Jou Voete recently.

Wian got hold of some of Dewald’s cocaine and when Sonja saw him with it, rushed to hospital with Vanessa and Paula at her side.  OMW! It looks as if 7de laan is ready to turn Vanessa into her mother. I can’t even! I can’t stand Vanessa!

At the hospital the nurse called the police to report possible abuse.  Which is fair enough, but also very irritating. Fortunately the nosy Anna joined Xander at the hospital and could explain that it was Dewald’s drugs.

This also meant the end of Sonja and Wian on 7de laan, since Sonja decided to move to Durban to have extra support from her parents.

Which is sad, because Sonja is a character I liked a lot and Wian must be the cutest baby EVER – outside my family 😉

Anna was on our screens A LOT last week.  I try to just ignore her – what else can I do?


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