Last week on Generations the legacy – 30/10/2015

Thank the soapie gods! It seems like Zola is being pushed aside not only by Ezweni, but also by his ‘first love’.  Karabo and Tau seems to have their marriage back on track.  And they’ve found a joint project to keep them occupied.  Poor Zola and his horrible accent still tried his luck, but to no avail.

What kind of ‘good man’ chases a married woman? Can you tell I don’t like Zola?

The joint project that is keeping Mr and Mrs Mogale busy is called Gadaffi! Tau and Karabo put two and together and came to the conclusion and discovered evidence that Kumkani Phakade had Mary poisoned and their child killed!  If only they knew!

Tau at first wanted to kill Gadaffi, but instead him and Karabo agreed that it would be best to rather have him put in prison.

They got help in the form of Lucy who is fed up with Fiffi as she calls Gadaffi.  Why doesn’t she just tell them about the baby?  She surely knows Gadaffi is raising baby Mogale? Instead she told Tau about someone who might help – none other than Karishma!

They worked out a plan to have Karishma and Gadaffi meet accidently at a restaurant.  Gadaffi’s ex pretended she didn’t know who he is.

BTW. I love Lucy! Even though he constant search for money drives me crazy! Why doesn’t she ask Ruby for advice on running a shebeen?  Ruby never had wi-fi as far as we know, but she seemed to be doing well?

Lucy managed to get R8000 out of Getty – money Getty had laying around in her purse, seemingly.  I knew I should’ve studied Graphic Design 😉

Simphiwe eventually fell for Smanga’s charms after being rejected by her husband time and time again. And when she felt guilty, she broke down and rushed to her family in KZN.  Mawzi eventually followed her there and demanded she returned.  OMW! OMW! OMW! I can’t even say how much I wanted to strangle the last life out of Mawzi.  I can’t stand him!

But his brother is no better.  Poor Simphiwe! Being in the middle of a self centred male chauvinist pig and a sadistic  a*sehole can’t be easy.

No wonder Simphiwe broke down in the #hastag staff meeting.

And then still to have Nolwazi as a friend! Who needs enemies.

Angela wanted to prove her worth as as a marketing person, but had to take an account without charging the client.  At least we got Siya and Angela on screen.  Those two are cute.  It’s a huge pity that the actress was brought on as Angela and not a new character.  I hope Generations the Legacy recast Angela so that she’s a combination of her mother Julia and father her father Tau.

Lebohang Mthunzi is utterly gorgeous and cute as a button, however, Angela should have a lot more cunning and have an edge, I think.



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