Last week on 7de laan 06/11/2015

Last week on 7de laan, Felicity was short of a few marbles! She put a quick stop to the memorial service for Louis and Herman.


But wasn’t Nadia a sight for sore eyes? I hope Simone Nortmann makes a few more visits soon.


After Willem threw Ty out of the memorial, we saw Ty with a map and a picture of a car.  Not sure what to make of that yet.

And then Felicity just got weird, blaming Willem for all kinds of things. At first I thought it was Ty gaslighting her, but it turns out she was doing it to herself.  Putting Herman’s clothing out, preparing a dinner with candles burning in the middle of the night and lastly making a huge braai fire outside Eclectic E causing the fire alarm to go off.


Vanessa and the rest of The Heights residents were taken aback by the performance…she was recreating the time she proposed to Herman.


Not to mention apologising to ‘Herman’ about Willem and the kiss.


Felicity was not handling her grief very well. Not even a chat from her other mother, Charmaine, could bring her back to reality.  I hope she gets out of her funk very soon though, because there is only so much of her foolishness I can take.

Willem’s acting is improving in leaps and bounds, I thought, throughout the week.  I really like him (well, I have since after the Kim saga).

The will was read and Felicity inherits the bulk of Herman’s estate with 20% going to Willem and Nadia and Louis’ 20% to his mother, Elana. Nothing was said about The Heights.  If Willem still owns it.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Neither Gita, nor Ty were seen for most of the week.

Marko and Anna were at it again last week.  Anna broke up with Marko, because he didn’t want her around Thinus (Ian Roelofs).  But don’t get too happy…it wasn’t for too long.

The little actor who plays Thinus is so natural! He could teach most of the rest of the cast a thing or two! And he showed his instant dislike for Anna.


I don’t blame Anna in this situation. (Nor Thinus.) Which woman would just accept that her partner – who says he wants to remain her partner – refuses to spend time with her? Marko should have explained to Thinus first, before introducing him to Anna who the woman is.  Children are not stupid.  And why are Marko and the child’s grandmother not explaining to him where Emma is?  If she’s going to remain in prison for another 11 years, then he ought to know.


I still think there is far too much Anna on my screen – as good an actress as she is.

Aggie got herself a date with the IT guy.  Themba (Phillip Dilemo Molepo) is sooooooooooooo much more likeable and suitable for Aggie than Lindile ever was.  100000000% better.

Paula nearly derailed the blooming romance with her nosiness, but fortunately IT guy put her in her place.  Paula needs a baby or Kristin to keep her busy.  Instead she was sent on a cruise for work. Which is almost as good.


Charmaine eventually found out that Matrone has cancer.  How Petro knew before her, the heavens alone knows.  Seeing how Vanessa was the second person to find out after Hilda.  And the rest of the Meintjies knew and were soon spreading the word.

Matrone wasn’t handling her chemo treatments very well.  She was constantly exhausted, irritable and the wig was sometimes an irritation to her. But 7de laan, we know Matrone used to wear a wig, until recently. Why give her that ugly wig?


She said she wanted to give up the treatment and just die in peace.  But the 7de laaners would hear nothing of it.  Paula heard the Meintjies’ (sans Charmaine) talking and came up with a plan to treat Matrone.  She and some of the girls pitched up at Matrone’s with snacks, drinks and treatments from Laura Lee.  That was a pretty good scene.

When Anna heard about the cancer, her first reaction was to do a story.  Looks like Xander is editor now, because he had to give her permission. Either way, can we not have these constant voorblad stories with every last thing in 7de laan?  I hope 7de laan brings in a middle-aged guy to be manager at T&T so Anna can get with him.  Or maybe she could go on the next cruise.


By the way….every time I see Charmaine on my screen, I miss Vivian.  By far the better character and actor 🙂

Ohh and Herman’s lawyer (Marcus Muller) …I hope there’s a place for him to visit Hillside more frequently!


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