Felicity and Willem Kiss (Again!) on 7de laan

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As with the previous kiss, I was taken by surprise when Willem once again kissed Felicity on 7de Laan. Although definitely noted the chemistry between those two.

Besides the kiss, it was a dramatic night for Felicity. She spent the night at Vanessa and Xander’s place after nearly setting The Heights on fire. And accidentally smacking Hilda.

The next day Xander’s brought Felicity home and they and Willem discussed all the things Felicity got up to while she was sleeping.


Later Felicity apologised to Willem for carrying on and sympathised with him.


She decided to go away for awhile and was writing Willem a letter when he walked in


He asked her not to go as they only had each other left.


And then he hugged her which led to another kiss.


Sjoe, I have to say… Willem’s got skills!


Then he picked her up and carried her up the stairs. Not to sleep, I would guess.


Felicity will probably freak out by the next episode, but I’m glad 7de laan followed the chemistry and went there again. That’s soapies rule number 1. And rather brave of them too, because you know the backlash will happen.

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