Last week on Generations the Legacy 06/11/2015

Gaddafi was on his worst behaviour again last week. Generations the Legacy ended the week with a dead Karishma. And we barely had her back on screen.

It’s all Cosmo’s fault! He saw Karishma talking to a cop and put two and two together. But what if the cop was Karishma’s client or working on a sting operation for the hooker trade?

But no, Cosmo (arghhhhhhh sometimes I went to kick him in the shins) went straight to the boss which caused Karishma’s death.

Before that, Amo’s adoption was finalized. Obviously a fake adoption!

And that sick SOB, Gaddafi , invited the baby’s real unknowing parents for the ceremony.

The baby started acting up soon after. Constantly crying and not sleeping. That’s one cute little baby, let me just add.

Baby Mogale’s real parents were meanwhile getting on like a house on fire. Karabo even apologised for trying to change Tau. She told him that she needed him to be strong and loves him just the way he is.

Zola still tried his luck, but Karabo told him that she loves Tau.

Thank goodness! Because I remember Tau and Karabo was a love story, not a mother/son drama that Generations the Legacy tried to make it out to be.

Smanga and Simphiwe were having a full on affair. Out of nowhere Mawzi wanted to spend time with his wife.


All Simphiwe wanted to do was to follow Smanga’s demands. She enjoyed being submissive to him and have him treat her like a queen.

That is until he put rope around her wrists and left deep cuts.

I like Smanga and Simphiwe together. There, I said it. Again.

Lucy was on a money trip again. When she heard Gog’flo’s stokvel had R30 000 in the bank, she decided to start her own stokvel. With some guys at the shebeen.

But then the guy who got the first turn disappeared with the money. He gambled it all away. The rest of the guys demanded the money from Lucy.

Lesedi was nervous about exams and bought drugs from her horrible friend. And then had a panic attack. Whatever….

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