Last week on 7de laan 13/11/2015

At the start of last week, Nadia and her mother returned to Cape Town to hold a memorial service there for Herman and Louis.  Shame poor Louis and Herman were pretty much forgotten in Hillside.  Felicity and Willem made it all about them and as for the rest of  7de laan…they didn’t seem in the least bit bothered that one of their long time residents (and friend and former employer to a few of the  ingrates) had gone to the great soap opera in the sky.

Weren’t Petro and Louis good buddies and all?  You would never say.


Felicity had some some sleep walking issues which ended when she made a huge braai fire outside Eclectic E.  She woke up after accidently giving Hilda a hefty smack and found herself surrounded by the locals dressed in their sleeping gear.

She recovered soon enough and found herself another way of dealing with her ‘grief’.  I put it in inverted commas because I seriously didn’t get the impression that Felicity was actually grieving for her deceased husband. Persistence worked for Willem though, because he managed to kiss Felicity again and then got her into bed.

The next morning is the first time I can recall 7de laan showing people together in bed when it is assumed they more than just slept together. The other times were of Emma and later Xander having nightmares.  And we all know neither of those two ‘did it’ more than once.  There’s no way Xander and Vanessa are doing anything other than sleeping in their bed. No way! And if by some miracle they are, I don’t want to know 😉

Predictably by the following morning Felicity felt guilty and wanted nothing to do with Willem. And then Bonita walked into the mansion and heard the two talking about the previous night.  Felicity confessed all to Bonita and then decided to go to Mossel Bay to be with her mother.  She later called Pulane to tell her she might be selling the boutique and T&T.

Willem wanted to hear nothing of Felicity leaving.  He tried to guilt her into staying with him.  When she eventually left, Willem unravelled.  He fired Evelina! Seriously! We haven’t even seen her! Then he spent money on new clothes and drinks. A

He looked for trouble so that he could get hit at the club and began hitting on women again. I didn’t get the impression that Willem was grieving at all.  Definitely not for his stepfather and brother. Both Willem and Felicity’s grieving just seem disconnected from their relationships with Louis and Herman.

As much as I like him, I actually wished Willem would grieve offscreen maybe in Cape Town or on holiday somewhere we don’t have access to.  7de laan has never been good with showing emotional stuff anyway.


As for the rest…

Anna and Marko broke up AGAIN!!!!!! Believe it, fellow 7de laaners. Marko was a big ars*hole though, but either way those two need to just move on.  They don’t suit each other in any shape or form. And Thinus needs to be told about his mother sooner rather than later.  What kind of person tells a child that his mother is away for work for a whole year????

Oh and by the way, Emma and Marko were almost exactly like Anna and Marko. Breaking up all the time.  Weren’t they broken up when Emma shot and killed Rick?

Matrone’s doctor called to tell her she had to have a double mastectomy.  As as has become usual, Hilda was there, providing support.  She got Matrone’s hero – someone I don’t know – to have tea with.  And Janie du Plessis who I do know of to motivate Matrone to be strong.

I do enjoy the sweet moments in this storyline, I must admit.

Oom Oubaas saw some guys coming out of Kim’s flat and sommer decided that she was prostitute.  Just because she said she desperately needed to make money  in the evenings.  Seems though that Kim has a new (male) flatmate.

Of course it would be too much for Oubaas and/or Maria to just ask Kim who the guy is.  But I guess this is the comedy section of the soapie.

Vince is at it again!!!! OMW! Why can’t he just chill? He’s upset because Charmaine had a whole what seemed like a tribute dinner for Xander.  How anyone can think Charmaine is a good mother figure to anyone, I don’t know.  She didn’t even look at Vince throughout her speech. She just likes to pretend to be all that’s good and wholesome, but Vivian taught us otherwise (although I always knew 😉 ).

But still, Vince really should get himself a hobby or keep looking for his son.


Aggie and Themba are officially dating! I like Themba, so don’t really care that the whole thing is contrived. I just hope Themba is all he says he is.

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